Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Really Should Blog More

TODAY is D's birthday. I'm not telling how old he is, but if you're still in high school, he's older than you. At least, that's what he told one of the youth today:

Youth Kid: "Dusty, how old are you?"

Dusty: (pointedly) "Older than you."

I declared this weekend birthday weekend, and it's been great! We got to hang out with friends, family, and he bought a bass amp, which looks great with the decor in our dining room. And by that I mean no, it doesn't, find another place to put it.

So happy birthday my love, and here's to a great 23rd year!

Oooops... ah well!

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barnaba2009 said...

How old is he? He's exactly half my age. That's how old he is! :-)