Monday, June 30, 2008

Softball Update

Vineyard Crushing Bruisers: 7
Living Grace 1: 3

Way to go team!


7:30--Arrive at work
7:32--Help Kid Two put her Build-A-Bear's shirt back on.
7:36--Pick up "Pickles" from Good Morning Room and head back to my class, three kids in tow.
7:37--Children color and I pick out my helpers for the day.
8:10--"P" comes in and shows me the rubber frog he's hidden in his pocket.
8:30--Start calling kids to wash their hands. Mediate various breakdowns as children do not see why they must wash their hands before breakfast.
8:43--Walk down the hall with my cheeks inflated, because I've instructed children to "put their bubble in." This prevents talking while we're walking.
8:45--Breakfast. Sausage Biscuit. Gag. Wait... what's that? Donuts for the teachers! Score!
9:05--Back in the classroom, and trying to settle kids who know that it's a field trip day.
9:15--Put in Timmy the Tooth video.
9:24--Take out Timmy the Tooth video because it's creepy.
9:27--Put in The Wiggles. This is equally as creepy, but holds their attention better.
9:50--Line up for FIELD TRIP! Carnival Day put on by your very own Taylor County Public Library.
10:08--Arrive at Veteran's Park. Children toss their shoes and begin playing on inflatables.
10:09--Take mental notes of where all my children's shoes have been thrown.
10:24--Begin to get nervous as dark clouds assemble.
10:45--Thunder! Get kids under the covering right before torrential rain.
10:51--Run with eight four year olds to a van, soaking wet, and get them buckled in, soaking wet and stuffy.
11:00--Arrive safely back at the Center... blue skies.
11:30--Lunch: "Lasagna..." (noodles and sauce, basically.)
11:50--Put kids down for nap.
12:30--Kids actually fall asleep.
12:31--What? We have eight kids...?...
12:34--Confirm with bosses that I can leave early.
2:04--Wake kids up, put mats away, snack time!
2:14--Feel a co-workers nose because it's cold.
2:36--Split kids up in centers.
2:37--Listen to kids cry because they don't get to play with "that truck! right there!"
2:40--Discover that "P" has wet his pants. Make him change and take the frog out of his pocket.
2:45--Mediate a dispute about wooden pegs.
3:01--Gone for the day... early... see time 12:34.

That's my day in a nutshell... how was yours?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Your Friendly Neighborhood Newlywed

Truth: Dusty and I have not gone on a real "date" since we've been married. And no, the honeymoon did not count because half the time I was laid up in bed with an inflamed sinus cavity and killer migraine.

The plan was: movie at 4 pm (because it's cheaper at matinee price.) We've both been looking forward to seeing Wall E. Dinner at Missy's Out of the Way Cafe.

Movie: So we headed to the theather, forked over $11, and had a seat. 4:05 rolls by, no movie. 4:10... nothing. 4:15... where's Wall E? 4:20 rolls around and the movie starts, late or so we thought.

Typically there aren't rated-R previews in a child's movie right? Wrong, or so we thought. Finally, Dusty leans over and asks if he should go check and see if we're in the right theater. "How could we not be in the right theater?" I thought...

...ever heard of the movie Wanted? Because Wanted and Wall E start with the same two letters. We're brilliant! We scurry to the correct movie theater and have a seat in the back row, coincidentally next to my boss and her husband.

Dinner: Apparently, Missy's Out Of The Way Cafe (which lives up to it's name... in the middle of a llama field) is closed the last week of June and all of July. Yikes! Plan B: iffy Mexican place in Lebanon... don't go there. Los Mariachis... Los Disgustings.

All in all it was a funny night... but i'm definitely glad that Dusty and I are past the point in our relationship where pretenese are set... now we can laugh at ourselves and not feel at least a little self-conscious. OK, maybe a little... but that's a different blog all together!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Is Where We Prop Our Feet Up

It has recently occured to me that many of you readers have never seen mine and Dusty's new home. Call it distance, call it avoiding newlyweds... call it whatever you want. Here's what you would see if you came to our apartment today:

this is where we would sit and laugh and be entertained, or entertain each other.

this is what would most likely do the entertaining.

this is my idea of artwork for the dining room (more like dining nook...)

this is what makes my two person maximum kitchen worthwhile

this is where you would eat a kick butt meal that I had cooked you

this is where you could wash your clothes if you were staying for an extended time.

this is where you will begin to believe that I have a preoccupation with books.

this is where you would sit and read my blog... or your emails. really whatever.

you like?

Sea Pickle

while watching Spongebob today:

Little Girl A: "Look! It's Plankton!"
Little Girl B: "Yeah he's nothing but a pickle. A sea pickle."

right on Little Girl B. I see your logic.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Mind of a Four Year Old

Little Sarah was being dropped off for another exciting day at school. Usually, Sarah has no problem leaving her parents... she not one of those fit throwers that flails on the floor when their parents leave.

Today, Sarah just stood outside the door and cried. Her mom came in and explained:

"Ms. Emily... Sarah got a new pair of shoes yesterday. When she got in the van to come to school today she loved them. But as we came closer she grew pretty hysterical, talking about someone named... Justy... who has the same shoes as her. She's embarassed now and doesn't want him to see her in them..." (insert puzzled face of a mother here.)

I tried to control my laughter. I really did. But I couldn't help it! I explained that Dusty was my husband (this little girl is forever calling him Justy... today I realized that's really what she thinks his name is!) and he works in the gym where we go to play every day. He, too, is a proud owner of these:

I did my best to calm her down, even hiding her from his view as we walked. Soon she got over her fear and came out of hiding. But if you are ever tempted to believe that children don't have the cognition to understand the things you do or say, think again. They could very well be taking mental notes on your every waking move... or footstep.

Taylor County Fair

Tonight, I'm headed to the Taylor County Fair, with my partner in crime, Andrea. The last time I was in a "carnival"-esque atmosphere was last summer in the Middle East at Jubayhah.

Needless to say, this is a completely different ball field. More to come!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I, Yo, Ana

i am: a wife, now.
i think: i may have been fooled last summer.
i know: that not everything is how it seems.
i want: a laptop.
i have: more clothes than I do hangers.
i wish: dusty and i could travel more and work less.
i despise: constant negativity.
i miss: KC.
i feel: that to have peace you must contend.
i hear: the pounding worship beats of Anthony Skinner
i smell: passionfruit and guava
i crave: a niche.
i search: for my keys and cell phone on a daily basis.
i wonder: where we'll be in a year.
i regret: disobedience.
i love: dusty.
i ache: for the adventure of other countries.
i usually: am thinking more than i actually say.
i am not: the best advice giver, but i like to listen!
i believe: that my new niece will be beautiful.
i dance(d): at my wedding reception
i sing: a lot.
i cry: for justice.
i don't always: wake up on time, especially of late.
i write: in my journal.
i win: never when i play games with dusty. :)
i never: drink regular Coke.
i listen: to music... always.
i can usually be found: with a book in my purse.
i am scared: of insects and mice.
i am happy about: my wedding pictures.

(list stolen from a good friend. click here to see her list!)

Beggar Kid

One day I was walking, innocently minding my own business when this little girl came running up to me. She was poor. I mean really poor. Bare feet, dirt smudged face, hair that hadn't been washed in a few days, tattered clothes--you get the picture. In her hands she was waving a blue beaded necklace that she had just made.

"Miss, you can have this for a dollar if you want..."

Sadly I had to reply, "I just spent my last dollar. I'm so sorry." (Not a cop out, I promise.) A little saddened, she ran away, shoulders slumping slightly back to her friends, sitting on the corner making more necklaces. I mind my own business and before I know it, she comes running back, necklace waving wildly.

"Maybe you would want it for fifty cents?"

Knowing that I didn't have the money, I started searching my wallet. Immediately her three friends from the corner came running up, each equally barefooted and dirty. I came up with twenty-three cents. Twenty-three cents.

They looked at me, looked at the money and said, "Do you want the necklace for um... that much?" I said, "Well, it's not even a quarter." But did they care? No. They snatched the money out of my hand, and ran off back to their mother, necklace still in their hands. So excited about twenty-three cents. "We made some money Mom! We made some money!"

Shaking my head I walked on, remembering that I too was once an entrepreneuing little girl. Sadly I got the feeling that our childhoods would be vastly, vastly different. Soon, the first little girl came back to me, smiling and said, "Silly me, I forgot your necklace!" and thrust it into my hands.

Anyone care to venture a guess as to where this happened to me? The answer may be surprising.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Like My Food With A Little POW!

Go here.

My favorite is "chicken without sexual life." (Haven't read the article yet? I bet you'll want to now!)


Soap, Soap, Jabon!

I am embarking on a journey. An all natural journey.

Starting soon I am going to start making my own shampoo, laundry detergent, and dishwashing powder. What are my reasons for this you may ask? Here are a few:

  1. In the long run, it's cheaper. Think of this: Jet Dry for your dishwasher's rinse cycle vs. a tablespoon of white vinegar.
  2. I've been wondering lately what exactly is in all the things that I use (shampoos, etc.) and they're chock-full of chemicals. Not that they are bad, I mean, I'm 22 and I've made it this far, but maybe there is a better way.

OK, two reasons, not so bad. I'm sure there will be more. And of course, I'll keep everyone updated on the progess. Who knows? Three months from now I may be a soap making nut, or i may be perusing the shampoo aisle at Wal-Mart, looking for my next brand of chemical cleanser!

Sounds of Summer

Last week I feel into the pit of despair, lamenting my lack of fresh new music to get my through my week. Then these two beauties fell into my lap. Check 'em out:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Point

I have Friend A and Friend B. To my knowlege they don't know the Lord. Today, I got to share a little bit with them about faith. Isn't funny how you can ask the Lord for this opportunity, yet it never comes how you hope/think it will?

They started out asking me what a Muslim was. Then a Hindu. Then what the difference was between all the religions (Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc.) I actually got to explain to them that Jesus was God's Son by explaining the basics of Islam (and how they miss the point of it all)... go figure.

Friend A then starts in on the drinking question: "How come Catholics get to drink and have a good time and Baptists don't? I'm just gonna go be a Catholic!"

Friend B (not a believer, mind you) points out the the Bible doesn't say drinking is wrong, but does say getting drunk is.

Friend A then starts in with the hypocrite statements: "My brother doesn't go to church because he says everyone there is a hypocrite and he doesn't want to become one."

Friend B shares that she doesn't think you have to go to church to go to Heaven.

What am I supposed to say to these things? I'm faced with a very difficult problem at this point. On the one hand they know that I'm a believer and they are looking to me for answers.

The problem is they are expecting typical answers. "Drinking is a sin." "To be a Christian you have to go to church." "I go to church and I'm not a hypocrite."

How do I share with these friends that I don't believe having a drink is wrong but getting drunk is; that I don't believe you necessarily have to go to church to be a Christian but if you really are committed you'll want to find community with other believers; that it saddens me how much "church" has become a detriment (excuse?) to the point of it all---Jesus.

What do I say to typical questions from non-believers looking for typical answers from a believer? And who is setting the standards here? Why are non-believer's image of Christians so twisted? Who gives off this image? Or am I the one that's in the wrong?

How many of you out there feel like sometimes your back is against the wall? You get these questions from non-believers and you have two options:

A.) Spew out the Christian jargon that non-believers have been hearing for years, even though maybe you youself as a Christian don't buy into it anymore.
B.) Answer truthfully, and risk them being confused by answers that go against their warped concept of what a Christian really is.

Softball Update

Vineyard Crushing Bruisers: 4
Elkhorn Baptist Church: 8

you'll get 'em next time boys...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oddly Enough

Go here.

What amazes me more than this little misshap by the Russian Air Force is that they were actually trying to dry up clouds. Why can't the US government do that for the NFL, especially during play offs...? Hmm...?

The Good Morning Room

Some people have intelligent conversations at work. Here are some snippets of mine from this morning: (names changed to protect the kiddos.)

Me: "John, what are you building?"
John: "A boolet."
Me: "...a what?"
John: "A boolet. You know... for a gun."
Me: "Oh! A bullet... you know, we aren't supposed to play guns at school John."
John: "Well how am I supposed to get the bad guys? A boolet helps me bandage the bad guys to the fence before the train gets there!"

This is the point where I decide the conversation is going nowhere. I tell John not to play with boolets anymore. I walk away, and immediately am cornered by Robert...

Robert: "Miss Emily! You know what they are making at Micky Donald's? Transformer toys!"
Me: "Sounds like some insider information Robert. How do you know?"
Robert: "Because it's Transformers!"

Child runs away to play with John and the boolets. I sit down to color with three of my girls.

Lucy: "Why are you coloring that bear orange?"
Me: "Haven't you ever heard of an orange bear?"
Lucy: "Bears aren't orange!"
Suzie: "Yeah, that's silly!"
Me: "What color did you just color that little girl's arm?"
Lucy: ""

Soon, it's time to clean up toys and I have a few minutes to burn before we leave for breakfast. I decide to show each table our classroom newts, Thomas and Heart. Thomas and Heart eat shrimp and it's been in there a while...

Me: "Robert, Kevin do you see the newts?"
Robert/Kevin: "No... where..?. I don't see them...? where are they...? Transformers..."
Me: "Right there..." points under some small greenery
Robert puts his whole face in the terrarium for a better look.
Robert: "ARGH! It smells so bad my nose is going to throw up!"

I decide the newts have had enough action for the day.

Another day, another grind...


Yesterday d. and i celebrated our one monthiversary. While doing something about our mountain of clean laundry today I began pondering what all I've learned about love since being married for a month:

  • Love is dealing with the fact that Beloved and yourself work at two totally opposite paces. And, since you are the "fast" one that means being patient.
  • Love is being kind to Beloved even when they get the counter sopping wet and don't change the empty toilet paper roll.
  • Love does not envy the fact that Beloved has a cake job and gets to read a lot while they work, while you may say... be wiping snotty three year old noses all day.
  • Love does not boast that they had a "totally rad!" day while Beloved is down in the dumps.
  • Love is not too proud to be served.
  • Love is not rude even when Beloved has done something that has annoyed you for the (seemingly) one millionth time.
  • Love is not self-seeking enough to take advantage of how much Beloved cares for them.
  • Love is not easily angered when in the midst of a "lover's spat," even if they have a completely legitimate point.
  • Love doesn't keep track of all the times Beloved has hurt their feelings or fallen short.
  • Love chooses to be happy when Beloved speaks truth, even when it may hurt and a lie may have been an easier option.
  • Love protects Beloved, trusts Beloved's words, hopes the best for Beloved, and perserveres in discovering life together.

So happy Monthiversary (a day late) Dusty. And know that i capital "L" love you.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

...No Words...

Saw this in the parking lot of Garcia's the other day... was quite disturbed.

I wish I had a hanging opossum in my rear view mirror.

Father's Day Top 10

I never see my dad. Never. Not that he's distant or out of the picture, we're just a couple states apart. Sure we talk at least once a week and he's in Kentucky two or three times a year, but sometimes, it just doesn't seem enough.

It being Father's Day and all I thought I would write a triblog (that's Tribute Blog!) to my pops, Don. Here are my top ten memories of our 22.5 years together (in no specific order):

  1. From when I was young, I remember dad wrapping me in a blanket, slinging me over his shoulder and dumping me on my bed, all the while singing folk songs like "Old Dan Tucker."

  2. Making Brother and me say something nice about each other when we fought. (Me: "I like your hair." Kyle: "I like your shoes... sorta.")

  3. Safari Don--the hat, the truck, the whole works.

  4. Your hatred of all things edible that are white: mayo, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc.

  5. The inevitability to attract every freak, weirdo, or small screaming child on our family vacations

  6. Cut off shorts, tall socks, Converse One Stars (your shoe of choice.) Used to embarass me, now I just laugh.

  7. Making sure that from a young age Brother and I were "cultured" even if that meant dragging us to every national park and life-on-the-prairie re-enactment this side of the Mississippi (and some on the other side!)

  8. As long as I've known you've had a book in hands. You had a list of "Required Reading" meant to be completed before my graduation from high school. (Still waiting for that...) You have given me my love for books, and that's saying a lot!

  9. The fact that I have never, ever seen you without a moustache. :)

  10. Chocolate syrup, ice cream sundaes... you never cease to amaze me with how you can pack that stuff away!

  11. I had to add this one in: Most recently... you walking me down the aisle, and giving me away. Thanks for trusting Dusty so much with your little girl.

I love you daddy-o! Hope you're having a great day, whatever you're doing.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Jams 2008

  1. Let The Woman--Andy Davis
  2. Beauty for Ashes--Anthony Skinner
  3. Brothers & Sisters--Dave Barnes
  4. More Than It Would Seem--Gabe Dixon Band
  5. Make You Move--John Mark McMillan
  6. Riding the #1--Amy Seeley
  7. Oh Lately It's So Quiet--OK Go
  8. Stay on the Ride--Patty Griffin
  9. Cherry Lane--Ryan Adams
  10. Good Good End--Waterdeep
  11. No Bad News--Ammy Seeley

More to come as the summer progresses. How many of you have music that just reminds you of certain seasons?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mexican Fettucini

This evening some really great friends came down to C-ville to hang out with some of my really great friends here and have a nice dinner at Garcia's.

In the midst of our catching up in walked that family. You know who they are. They may live across the hall from you or share your fence line. You may have sat next to them on an air plane or been in line next to them at the movies. For all I know, that family could have been yours when you were young. Maybe it still is.

There was a dad, a mom, the rebellious teenage son, and two little darling children, clearly born much later and clearly the apple of their parent's eyes. There was another couple who looked a little less than in touch with their surroundings.

So in they came marching, with a plastic flute and one of those tubes that makes noises when you turn it upside down. Out came the high chair and... what was that we saw? A portable DVD player?!

Of course! How did families survive grueling nights out without Dora the Explorer at their table? A Mr. Potato Head, Buzz Lightyear, coloring book, crayolas, Chica Chica Boom Boom, plastic binoculars, baby doll, and of course... musical instrument later I truly felt sorry for the mother. While adult conversation was being engaged in at her end of the table, she was busy entertaining Jack and Jill. The teenage son sat in his stupor, and the daughter of the other couple spent time taking pictures of the horse paintings on the wall with her camera phone... conveniently located near our table.

Things like this just make me laugh... I love love love people watching, especially when I'm with a worthy fellow observer! (Thanks Andrea!) The conversation that topped off the spectacle was on our way out when Hal and Sue (that's what they looked like anyways) had the following conversation:

Hal: "Well what do you know! Fettucini at a Mexican restaurant! I've never..."

Sue: "Oh! Mexican fettucini!"

Pasta Poblana you never tasted so good!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why We Rock

There's this photographer's blog that I read, click here. In their most recent post they are asking for a couple that is "wildly in love" to come model for them. All you need to enter is a recent picture of you and your beloved and reasons that you rock.

Alas, I don't live in California, but I am wildly in love with my beloved and we do kinda rock. (Man, the narcissism in this blog is so thick I could cut it with how much I rock!)

Here's the picture I would send, if I lived in Cali:

and here are some reasons why we rock, if I lived in Cali:
  • we are new newlyweds... we're talking not even a month old. no fresher love than that!
  • we met because he played bass; we stayed together because we got to worship together.
  • dusty has a pretty sweet beard.
  • at one time both of us had piercings, and there are pictures to prove it.
  • we both have tattoos in the same place, though not intentionally, and no they don't match.
  • dusty can perform amazing acrobatic feats with park benches just to kiss me.
  • i bought dusty a cello for Christmas and though he doesn't even know how to tune it, it does make a pretty stellar decoration in the living room.
  • my husband's name is also an adjective.
  • we can grocery shop together and not fight.

so, do you think we'd get in if we lived in California?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Noor Al Hussein

I cannot impress upon you how much I am enjoying my most current read Leap of Faith by Queen Noor of Jordan.

Though I'm sure that even when someone is trying not to give something a political slant there will inevitably always be biases. A lot of the books recounts events not so much in Noor's life but in that of King Hussein and their combined quest for peace in the Middle East.

While I'm sure Hussein wasn't the near saint that Noor paints him to be (but hey, I can't blame her... I happen to think my hubby is pretty close to perfect, too!) I have been to Jordan and in the midst of all the turmoil in that region, it really feels like the Lord has chosen it to be a place of peace. It's almost like peace has blanketed the atmosphere there.

If anyone is lost in the history of all that has happened in the Middle East since the 1970's this would be a great book to start off with. Because she is writing her autobiography, she tells enough anecdotes to keep the story interesting and she is extremely thourough in the inclusion of all Arab nations and their stances on things like the Gulf War, the Israel-Palestine conflict, etc.

Pick it up. Read. Get informed. Work for peace.

Happy 100!

Well, I've reached a mile marker: my 100th blog post! Sweeeet!

What a befitting way to celebrate than to announce that the wedding pictures are in! Below is one of my favorites, but for the entire album click here. Enjoy! And thanks again to my friend Brenda for a rockin' job!

Monday, June 9, 2008


I grew up Baptist. Nothing wrong with that, just good ole Baptist. And if you grew up baptist you know these letters very well, especially in the month of June, or sometimes July: VBS.

Vacation Bible School!

These letters can bring to mind feelings of excitement or make you break out in a cold sweat and not want to come to church for a month.

Well, I've gotten out of the Baptist realm, nothing wrong with that. But I'm not... quite... gone. You see, the daycare where I am employed is housed in this really large (for Campbellsville) Baptist church. We are not part of the church. We just use their children's wing during the week.

This week is the big Baptist church's VBS. So our children in the three and four year old classes are getting to attend. Can I just say that today was the most hectic, chaotic, frenzied day that I've ever had at a place of employment? Well... I just did.

I'm beginning to see VBS for what it is. Behind the scenes: it's an excuse for "good church goin' people" to put on their Power Trip Pants and dress up in a themed outfit and walk around with a staff badge and push people around. At least, that's what happened today.

But would they really care about that kid down the street with a broken family and mustard stains on his shirt if their VBS class wasn't in hot competition to have the most visitors? When I participated in VBS, I sure as heck didn't. Not as a child and not as a "youth worker." In all honesty, who are we kidding?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

If It's Not One Thing...

... it's another! Tonight has been the night for awkward conversations and incidents. I thought about giving everyone a play-by-play, but then decided I was tired of reliving the things that have happened.

So for now, I will sit down with my husband and consider going to sleep soon while he is glued to the NBA Finals. Hope it's not turning out to be one of "those" weeks.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

You Know You Went To The 400 Mile Yard Sale When...

  1. You're tired from waking up at 7 am to make it out to the sales by 8.
  2. You're actually carrying cash.
  3. You don't believe that the book you want is worth $1 and you let the seller know.
  4. You walk away with that same book tucked under your arms... and got it for $0.50!
  5. You slow down to scope out a yard sale from the car, regardless of whether there are cars behind you.
  6. You are contstantly checking to make sure you are still on Hwy 68.
  7. You were accosted by a lady trying to get you to buy her "Tree of Life" cake stand
  8. You'll live if you never see another blue tinted Mason jar again.
  9. You search through loads of books only to find crappy romance novels.
  10. You end up somewhere you did not expect, and you're okay with it!
  11. You see a lady with curlers in her hair, at multiple locations.
  12. You get used to seeing small dogs in children's play pens.
  13. You walk away trash talking the people wanting $15 for an umbrella. "They must really love their stuff..."
  14. You realize that you're not good at making hairpin turns... or that you wish you had brought hairpins.
  15. You get your first sunburn of the season, because no one thinks of wearing sunscreen to go yard saling!

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty successful day of yard saling. Not only did I not buy useless crap, but I got to hang out with a great friend in the process! Now if this don't say "Summer" I don't know what does!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Baby Got Back!

Today I bought oodles of baby clothes for my soon-to-be-in-the-world niece. All the stuff rocks and is really cute. However, as I was re-folding the clothes today, I noticed this slight irony:

Below is a picture of a regular onesie, for a 0-3 month baby made by Carter's:

The following is a picture of a 0-3 month onesie made by McKids, a part of the McDonald's corporation:

Whoa baby! Clearly this momma intends to stuff her 0-3 month old with Micky D's every day of the week... and the nice friends at the McKid's coorporation is making provision for Baby McObese!

Thoughts On The Queen

I'm currently reading Leap of Faith by Queen Noor. She married King Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan after his third (maybe second?) wife died. Noor's an American with Arab roots. I find her story extremely interesting.

This book makes me want to go back to Jordan and meet the entire royal family. They seem that down to earth! I just want to go give them hugs and ask them to let me work for them as, I don't know Head of Something... then Dusty and I could live in Amman, go to the Dead Sea on the weekends, take extended weekends to Aqaba, travel over the river, and maybe, just maybe... have a re-do in Petra (on foot this time, no donkeys!)

We could go to Tche Tche's and smoke as much argelieh (sp?) as we want; we could hang out at Books-at Cafe and have a wonderful 6 JD breakfast that includes multiple courses coming out a random intervals. ("Um, excuse me, I have my toast, but where's my tea?")

Dusty would learn how to hail a cab and give the guy direction in Arabic. Then he could learn how to hail a cab at the mall around 10 pm on a weekend night... that's a whole other realm! Then he could learn how to not get taken by cab drivers and make sure the he gets the right change. ("Fee frata? Fee frata?") Better yet, we could have our own car and Dusty and I could learn the joys in driving in a country other than America!

All in all, I think Dusty and I would fit right in in Amman. You know, assuming that the King would invite me to be the royal Head of Something... :) Here's to wishful thinking!


Mockingbirds sing
Sing me what the Lord was singing
On the day He made the water
The color of the blues
Sing me that song
Sing me to till the heavens rising
On the day He made the water
The color of my baby's eyes

Love her in the ways you want to be loved
Love her in the ways she wants to be loved
Love her in the ways you want to be loved
But the way I'm loving herIt must not be enough

Cause in the way she cries
It only tears me up
I feel dead inside and dying
And if you give up
Don't give up on love
Don't give up on love

The rivers they run
They run until they get too tired
Until they run behind the houses
And they become a creek
When I was a child
I ran until the creek became a river
When it turned into the ocean
I wondered why He'd made it so deep

Love her in the ways you want to be loved
Love her in the ways you want to be loved
Love her in the ways you want to be loved
But the way I'm loving her
Must not be enough

Cause the way she cries
It only tears me up
I feel dead inside and dying
Don't give up

Cause in a way she's crying
It only tears me up
I feel dead inside and dying
Give up

Don't give up on love
Don't give up on love

Love her in the ways you want to be loved
Love her in the ways you want to be loved
Love her in the ways you want to be loved
Sometimes it ain't enough
Sometimes it ain't enough
But don't give up on love

Ryan Adams

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yes, I Read Al Jazeera Pt. II

There is something else that I want to add, quickly, to my previous blog post. I'm not saying that Israel shouldn't have a right to exist. That is truly not the case at all. The Israelis claim the land as their forefather's and cling to something that they view as rightfully and generationally theirs. The Palestinians cling to hate and refuse to forgive their displacement and work towards peace. It's a 50/50 problem with a 50/50 solution... it's going to take 100% from both sides.

And I truly believe that there will be no peace in the Middle East until the Lord returns. He Is the answer.

What I'm questioning is my country's involvement in all this. Is it necessary? Or are we just adding to an ever-escalating problem?

Yes, I Read Al Jazeera

**Author's Note: This may not be a very "PC" blog post. Brace yourself. And no mean comments please.**

I'm really quite torn by the up and coming Presidential elections. Between Obama and McCain, I'd probably vote for my neighbor downstairs. She makes really good smelling dinner every night and has impeccable decorting taste. :)

I don't utterly despise either of these men. I think I stand with loads of other Americans who are left scratching their heads wondering who to vote for since there isn't a single candidate that fits exactly into where they are.

But enough of that. Recently I read a headline on Al Jazeera that made me do just that: scratch my head and wonder.

"Obama Pledges Support For Israel"

"Obama also described the US bond with Israel as "unbreakable today, unbreakable tomorrow, unbreakable for ever" and said he spoke as a "true friend" of Israel.

"Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided," the Illinois senator said.

So what's the problem Emily? America is known for supporting Israel (Occupied Palestine... what?) Here's the Arab rebuttle:

"Hamas, however, reacted angrily, with Saeb Erekat, the senior Palestinian negotiator, telling Al Jazeera that Obama 'was giving ammunition to extremists across the region.'"

"'He runs on the slate of change, but he closes all doors for peace by saying Jerusalem should be the united capital of Israel.'"

On Senator Obama's campaign website he is very vocal about the fact that he found the war in Iraq to be "rash," a sentiment that I agree with. However, here's a direct quote from his platform on Iraq:

"I worried about, ‘an occupation of undetermined length, with undetermined costs, and undetermined consequences.’ The full accounting of those costs and consequences will only be known to history. But the picture is beginning to come into focus.'"

"An occupation of undetermined length, with undetermined costs, and undetermined consequences?" That's funny... I'd venture to say that's also on the hearts and minds of every displaced Palestinian in a refugee camp right now.

I grew up on the Israel side of the debate. I fell in love with the Arab side of the debate. It's heart against roots right now people, and I don't know what to think.

So if I could ask Senator Obama and many Christians who believe that we should let Israel get away with anything they want for fear of lightning bolts from the sky, here's what it would be:

"What would happen if America didn't give Israel its validation?"

OK! I promise, last political blog for a while...

The C Word

Today I was called the dreaded "C" word.


Note this: I'm not claiming that I am on the other hand "liberal." Quite frankly, I despise both labels, but for the sake of the story, and because these two labels are household expressions, I am reduced to using them.

I was recently in a conversation with some friends, one a believer and one not. The believer was asking me questions about my newlywed sex life. (Which, may I just interject here a resounding, "None ya business!") Apparently my answers were disappointing to this friend. That's when my non-believing friend piped in: "Well ___________ (insert name here), you have to remember Emily is a lot more conservative than you!"

I make the distinction between "believer" and "non-believer" only to point out that my defintion of conservative and my non-believing friends' definition of conservative are two very, very different things.

Needless to say I took this to heart. By "conservative" my friend was implying that I am a square (even as a married woman, set free to be able to sex up my husband any time that I'd like!) :)

Uncomfortable yet?

However, I find myself to be quite the opposite. The following are some reasons why people within the Christian community may find me (and my husband and my entire church for that matter) more on the liberal side:

  • I take seriously the Gospels. When I see Jesus doing miracles and then commissioning his friends to go out and heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead (Matthew 10:1-42 is one of my favorite stories ever) I really and truly believe that this applies to me. In this day. 2008.
  • Two words: liberty and moderation (Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.)
  • Sometimes, sleeping in on a Sunday and spending some solid alone time in the Word is ok.
  • I have worship moves... dance moves... and they're good too. :) (OK, that one is just a little on the silly side... but I've been told I do!)
  • I believe that not all Republicans are Christians and not all Democrats are inherently evil.
  • It's ok to never attain a two story house, three kids, and an SUV. In fact...
  • It's ok to want your children to grow up in another country, being surrounded by new experiences and learning to love people with skin color that looks different from theirs.
  • Electric drum sets never, ever sound good in a "contemporary" worship service. Never.

Call me a rebel. Call me conservative. Call me a believer in the man of Jesus Christ and the revolution that he brought with his dwelling on earth. Not a revolution of power and arms, but of a mindset that is always counter to the culture in which you find yourself.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Getting Closer...

Remeber all those posts and comments that I've made about how awesome my wedding photographer is? Well, here's a little sneak peak:

The entire shoot is finished being edited and is ready to be sent... so there should be more popping up soon!

Brenda: you rock! Dusty and I had such a fun time taking pictures with you and getting to chat and run around Campbellsville. Thanks for being so patient with my dress + mud paranoia and for sharing parts of your amazing life with us. The Lord has given you such an incredible talent. Thanks for being so willing to let him use it! I'm so blessed to know you on a personal level, and not just professionally!


Monday, June 2, 2008

New 'Do

Here's my new haircut. Becaus I live in Campbellsville, this endeavor took me three hours. But nonetheless, I emerged with seven inches cut off! There's much more playing with it ahead of me, you know, to work out all the kinks, but I'm more than happy with the results! SO LONG my long 'do! You served my purposes well... but I'm so glad that you're gone!

Dear Studio 434

Dear Studio 434,

Today my friend and I had appointments with a certain one of your stylists. Our appointments were for 5:00 and 5:30. We were so excited, not only for a new 'do, but because we had heard from several sources that this particular stylist was "the best" in Campbellsville.

We arrived on time and the stylist was not there. No biggie, we're laid back. We proceeded to wait 15 more minutes, until we heard the only stylist in the shop tell another customer that the particular stylist with whom our appointments were made was not going to be there. Notice this: we were never told about this before the appointment, and we were never directly told when we got there.

So I spoke up. "Um, excuse me, but we had appointments with ____________ (insert name here) for 5 and 5:30. Are we going to be able to get our hair done?"

And how did you respond Studio 434? "Well, __________ isn't going to be here, so she told me that I should handle you two."

Excuse me? If I had wanted to make an appointment with you, ma'am, I would have requested you. As it is, I wanted __________. Not you. ___________.

If this is how you plan to run your business that's your prerogative. (For all you Campbellsville educated people, that means you can run your silly shop however you'd like.) I, however, am tired of being treated like dirt whenever I try to get some service around here.

  • To Fantastic Sam's: "Do not tell me that my wait will only be 30 minutes when there are five people in front of me. If I've reduced myself to going to Fantastic Sam's, I'm not going to back out. You should have just told me that I would have to wait for an hour and a half!"
  • To Baskin Robins: "Would it be so hard for you to take out the trash, give some direction to the lines, and clean the tables? I know you're new, but I was disgusted by how I was treated."
  • To Forcht Bank: "Would it kill you to be nice when I come through the drive-through? Did I do something wrong by asking to open a savings account today? I know, I know... the customer is such an inconvenience."

  • To Studio 434: Two words: Not Impressed. (And trust me, I'm being nice.)

With that said, yes, I did get my haircut today. And guess what Studio 434: I got a haircut that I'm more than pleased with for $13. I will never, ever be tempted to go to your shop again. Thank you for making this decision for me with your unprofessional, unbusinesslike, small town mentality. It is much appreciated.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's Coming! Are You Ready?

Just got an email from my rockin' wedding photographer and she says that we should have our wedding pictures by the end of the week! Whoop!

Until then, here's one of my personal faves, taken by my good friend Andrea Burnett.