Saturday, June 7, 2008

You Know You Went To The 400 Mile Yard Sale When...

  1. You're tired from waking up at 7 am to make it out to the sales by 8.
  2. You're actually carrying cash.
  3. You don't believe that the book you want is worth $1 and you let the seller know.
  4. You walk away with that same book tucked under your arms... and got it for $0.50!
  5. You slow down to scope out a yard sale from the car, regardless of whether there are cars behind you.
  6. You are contstantly checking to make sure you are still on Hwy 68.
  7. You were accosted by a lady trying to get you to buy her "Tree of Life" cake stand
  8. You'll live if you never see another blue tinted Mason jar again.
  9. You search through loads of books only to find crappy romance novels.
  10. You end up somewhere you did not expect, and you're okay with it!
  11. You see a lady with curlers in her hair, at multiple locations.
  12. You get used to seeing small dogs in children's play pens.
  13. You walk away trash talking the people wanting $15 for an umbrella. "They must really love their stuff..."
  14. You realize that you're not good at making hairpin turns... or that you wish you had brought hairpins.
  15. You get your first sunburn of the season, because no one thinks of wearing sunscreen to go yard saling!

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty successful day of yard saling. Not only did I not buy useless crap, but I got to hang out with a great friend in the process! Now if this don't say "Summer" I don't know what does!


Andrea said...

127 sale in August????? This time, I'll drive ok?

Devon said...

Can I come too?