Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Mind of a Four Year Old

Little Sarah was being dropped off for another exciting day at school. Usually, Sarah has no problem leaving her parents... she not one of those fit throwers that flails on the floor when their parents leave.

Today, Sarah just stood outside the door and cried. Her mom came in and explained:

"Ms. Emily... Sarah got a new pair of shoes yesterday. When she got in the van to come to school today she loved them. But as we came closer she grew pretty hysterical, talking about someone named... Justy... who has the same shoes as her. She's embarassed now and doesn't want him to see her in them..." (insert puzzled face of a mother here.)

I tried to control my laughter. I really did. But I couldn't help it! I explained that Dusty was my husband (this little girl is forever calling him Justy... today I realized that's really what she thinks his name is!) and he works in the gym where we go to play every day. He, too, is a proud owner of these:

I did my best to calm her down, even hiding her from his view as we walked. Soon she got over her fear and came out of hiding. But if you are ever tempted to believe that children don't have the cognition to understand the things you do or say, think again. They could very well be taking mental notes on your every waking move... or footstep.

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