Monday, June 30, 2008


7:30--Arrive at work
7:32--Help Kid Two put her Build-A-Bear's shirt back on.
7:36--Pick up "Pickles" from Good Morning Room and head back to my class, three kids in tow.
7:37--Children color and I pick out my helpers for the day.
8:10--"P" comes in and shows me the rubber frog he's hidden in his pocket.
8:30--Start calling kids to wash their hands. Mediate various breakdowns as children do not see why they must wash their hands before breakfast.
8:43--Walk down the hall with my cheeks inflated, because I've instructed children to "put their bubble in." This prevents talking while we're walking.
8:45--Breakfast. Sausage Biscuit. Gag. Wait... what's that? Donuts for the teachers! Score!
9:05--Back in the classroom, and trying to settle kids who know that it's a field trip day.
9:15--Put in Timmy the Tooth video.
9:24--Take out Timmy the Tooth video because it's creepy.
9:27--Put in The Wiggles. This is equally as creepy, but holds their attention better.
9:50--Line up for FIELD TRIP! Carnival Day put on by your very own Taylor County Public Library.
10:08--Arrive at Veteran's Park. Children toss their shoes and begin playing on inflatables.
10:09--Take mental notes of where all my children's shoes have been thrown.
10:24--Begin to get nervous as dark clouds assemble.
10:45--Thunder! Get kids under the covering right before torrential rain.
10:51--Run with eight four year olds to a van, soaking wet, and get them buckled in, soaking wet and stuffy.
11:00--Arrive safely back at the Center... blue skies.
11:30--Lunch: "Lasagna..." (noodles and sauce, basically.)
11:50--Put kids down for nap.
12:30--Kids actually fall asleep.
12:31--What? We have eight kids...?...
12:34--Confirm with bosses that I can leave early.
2:04--Wake kids up, put mats away, snack time!
2:14--Feel a co-workers nose because it's cold.
2:36--Split kids up in centers.
2:37--Listen to kids cry because they don't get to play with "that truck! right there!"
2:40--Discover that "P" has wet his pants. Make him change and take the frog out of his pocket.
2:45--Mediate a dispute about wooden pegs.
3:01--Gone for the day... early... see time 12:34.

That's my day in a nutshell... how was yours?

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