Friday, June 6, 2008

Thoughts On The Queen

I'm currently reading Leap of Faith by Queen Noor. She married King Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan after his third (maybe second?) wife died. Noor's an American with Arab roots. I find her story extremely interesting.

This book makes me want to go back to Jordan and meet the entire royal family. They seem that down to earth! I just want to go give them hugs and ask them to let me work for them as, I don't know Head of Something... then Dusty and I could live in Amman, go to the Dead Sea on the weekends, take extended weekends to Aqaba, travel over the river, and maybe, just maybe... have a re-do in Petra (on foot this time, no donkeys!)

We could go to Tche Tche's and smoke as much argelieh (sp?) as we want; we could hang out at Books-at Cafe and have a wonderful 6 JD breakfast that includes multiple courses coming out a random intervals. ("Um, excuse me, I have my toast, but where's my tea?")

Dusty would learn how to hail a cab and give the guy direction in Arabic. Then he could learn how to hail a cab at the mall around 10 pm on a weekend night... that's a whole other realm! Then he could learn how to not get taken by cab drivers and make sure the he gets the right change. ("Fee frata? Fee frata?") Better yet, we could have our own car and Dusty and I could learn the joys in driving in a country other than America!

All in all, I think Dusty and I would fit right in in Amman. You know, assuming that the King would invite me to be the royal Head of Something... :) Here's to wishful thinking!

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