Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Is Where We Prop Our Feet Up

It has recently occured to me that many of you readers have never seen mine and Dusty's new home. Call it distance, call it avoiding newlyweds... call it whatever you want. Here's what you would see if you came to our apartment today:

this is where we would sit and laugh and be entertained, or entertain each other.

this is what would most likely do the entertaining.

this is my idea of artwork for the dining room (more like dining nook...)

this is what makes my two person maximum kitchen worthwhile

this is where you would eat a kick butt meal that I had cooked you

this is where you could wash your clothes if you were staying for an extended time.

this is where you will begin to believe that I have a preoccupation with books.

this is where you would sit and read my blog... or your emails. really whatever.

you like?

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