Sunday, June 29, 2008

Your Friendly Neighborhood Newlywed

Truth: Dusty and I have not gone on a real "date" since we've been married. And no, the honeymoon did not count because half the time I was laid up in bed with an inflamed sinus cavity and killer migraine.

The plan was: movie at 4 pm (because it's cheaper at matinee price.) We've both been looking forward to seeing Wall E. Dinner at Missy's Out of the Way Cafe.

Movie: So we headed to the theather, forked over $11, and had a seat. 4:05 rolls by, no movie. 4:10... nothing. 4:15... where's Wall E? 4:20 rolls around and the movie starts, late or so we thought.

Typically there aren't rated-R previews in a child's movie right? Wrong, or so we thought. Finally, Dusty leans over and asks if he should go check and see if we're in the right theater. "How could we not be in the right theater?" I thought...

...ever heard of the movie Wanted? Because Wanted and Wall E start with the same two letters. We're brilliant! We scurry to the correct movie theater and have a seat in the back row, coincidentally next to my boss and her husband.

Dinner: Apparently, Missy's Out Of The Way Cafe (which lives up to it's name... in the middle of a llama field) is closed the last week of June and all of July. Yikes! Plan B: iffy Mexican place in Lebanon... don't go there. Los Mariachis... Los Disgustings.

All in all it was a funny night... but i'm definitely glad that Dusty and I are past the point in our relationship where pretenese are set... now we can laugh at ourselves and not feel at least a little self-conscious. OK, maybe a little... but that's a different blog all together!

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