Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why We Rock

There's this photographer's blog that I read, click here. In their most recent post they are asking for a couple that is "wildly in love" to come model for them. All you need to enter is a recent picture of you and your beloved and reasons that you rock.

Alas, I don't live in California, but I am wildly in love with my beloved and we do kinda rock. (Man, the narcissism in this blog is so thick I could cut it with how much I rock!)

Here's the picture I would send, if I lived in Cali:

and here are some reasons why we rock, if I lived in Cali:
  • we are new newlyweds... we're talking not even a month old. no fresher love than that!
  • we met because he played bass; we stayed together because we got to worship together.
  • dusty has a pretty sweet beard.
  • at one time both of us had piercings, and there are pictures to prove it.
  • we both have tattoos in the same place, though not intentionally, and no they don't match.
  • dusty can perform amazing acrobatic feats with park benches just to kiss me.
  • i bought dusty a cello for Christmas and though he doesn't even know how to tune it, it does make a pretty stellar decoration in the living room.
  • my husband's name is also an adjective.
  • we can grocery shop together and not fight.

so, do you think we'd get in if we lived in California?


Ed said...

Hey don't forget that one of the reasons y'all rock is you both have parents who rock! lol

Devon said...

Let's not move to Cali to find out. (but you do kinda rock ... and have some rocking photos of how you rock)

Andrea said...

love the new blog header....