Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mexican Fettucini

This evening some really great friends came down to C-ville to hang out with some of my really great friends here and have a nice dinner at Garcia's.

In the midst of our catching up in walked that family. You know who they are. They may live across the hall from you or share your fence line. You may have sat next to them on an air plane or been in line next to them at the movies. For all I know, that family could have been yours when you were young. Maybe it still is.

There was a dad, a mom, the rebellious teenage son, and two little darling children, clearly born much later and clearly the apple of their parent's eyes. There was another couple who looked a little less than in touch with their surroundings.

So in they came marching, with a plastic flute and one of those tubes that makes noises when you turn it upside down. Out came the high chair and... what was that we saw? A portable DVD player?!

Of course! How did families survive grueling nights out without Dora the Explorer at their table? A Mr. Potato Head, Buzz Lightyear, coloring book, crayolas, Chica Chica Boom Boom, plastic binoculars, baby doll, and of course... musical instrument later I truly felt sorry for the mother. While adult conversation was being engaged in at her end of the table, she was busy entertaining Jack and Jill. The teenage son sat in his stupor, and the daughter of the other couple spent time taking pictures of the horse paintings on the wall with her camera phone... conveniently located near our table.

Things like this just make me laugh... I love love love people watching, especially when I'm with a worthy fellow observer! (Thanks Andrea!) The conversation that topped off the spectacle was on our way out when Hal and Sue (that's what they looked like anyways) had the following conversation:

Hal: "Well what do you know! Fettucini at a Mexican restaurant! I've never..."

Sue: "Oh! Mexican fettucini!"

Pasta Poblana you never tasted so good!


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Andrea said...

Thanks for taking on this topic....why can't parents teach their children to behave? I don't get it. If I would have acted like those kids when I was little...I might not still be alive