Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Noor Al Hussein

I cannot impress upon you how much I am enjoying my most current read Leap of Faith by Queen Noor of Jordan.

Though I'm sure that even when someone is trying not to give something a political slant there will inevitably always be biases. A lot of the books recounts events not so much in Noor's life but in that of King Hussein and their combined quest for peace in the Middle East.

While I'm sure Hussein wasn't the near saint that Noor paints him to be (but hey, I can't blame her... I happen to think my hubby is pretty close to perfect, too!) I have been to Jordan and in the midst of all the turmoil in that region, it really feels like the Lord has chosen it to be a place of peace. It's almost like peace has blanketed the atmosphere there.

If anyone is lost in the history of all that has happened in the Middle East since the 1970's this would be a great book to start off with. Because she is writing her autobiography, she tells enough anecdotes to keep the story interesting and she is extremely thourough in the inclusion of all Arab nations and their stances on things like the Gulf War, the Israel-Palestine conflict, etc.

Pick it up. Read. Get informed. Work for peace.

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