Saturday, February 28, 2009

Check These Out's Big Picture has done it again. They currently have up one of the most amazing collections of photos I've seen in a long time. Go here to check it out. This one is my favorite:

Friday, February 27, 2009

irrevocably happy

have you ever had a moment when you look back on something that you thought you wanted

and then you look in front of you at what you actually received

and realized how irrevocably happy you are now

compared to how "irrevocably" happy you thought you would be

had you just gotten what you thought you wanted

in the first place?

i just had one of those moments

and he-that-i-received is sitting in front of me

on a chair

playing a video game.

and i am irrevocably happy.

Because They Did It

Andrea posted about her favorite flowers and Emily followed suit. And I truly feels as though if I will Spring to arrive soon, she will in all her splendor! What better way than to blog about flowers? So I will too! Here is a photo-list of my favorite flowers, in no particular order.

Cherry Blossom: Technically this is a bloom I guess, but I like them regardless!

Hydrangea: Oh my gosh I LOVE hydrangeas! I love the clean, crisp value they add to any room or arrangement.

Lilac: So my parents have two huge lilac bushes on either side of the walkway to their front porch and they emit the most heavenly smell I've ever encountered. Mmmmm...

Ranunculus: These flowers would be fairies' favorites is fairies existed. But since they don't, I'll claim them as one of my favorites.

Poppies: Poppies are the ultimate, "Hey I'm here and I'm having fun!" flower. Love 'em!

Peony: Do you want to know what I love about these flowers? They are large and in charge!

Baby Mac

We introduced Gabby to the new computer (still needs a name... any suggestions?) and I don't think she really knew what to do when we started playing with the camera.

Oh can you imagine when we actually have kids of our own?!

Poor things. They don't stand a chance.

(They're going to be awesome.)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Because You Asked

It has been a little over 9 months since Dusty and I tied the knot. And we had a cute, cozy little apartment in Campbellsville.

It's pretty cool where the Lord will take you in such a short amount of time. And now we have a cute, cozy little house in the country. Wanna see? Let's take a tour together shall we?

This is a pretty hurried shot because I was cold. It's actually about half the house but you get the idea. White with black shutters.

Ahlan wa sahlan! Bienvenidos! Welcome!

Come have a seat in our living room, play some Wii, and watch TV. (No, Mother, I did not intentionally take a picture with Barak on the screen.)

Wondering where those doors lead? This is as close to a hallway as we're going to get! The door on the left leads to our bedroom which is not pictured because, hey, a girl's gotta have some mystique right?

This is our ugly spare bedroom. I don't like the bedspread, but I can't find my other one. It is down filled though so when you come to visit you'll sleep like a baby.

This is our tiny yet functional bathroom. I dig the shower curtain. I've also yet to find the best way to get into the shower once the water's running; either way you're running into fixtures. Any suggestions? And admit it, you want a yellow toilet.

Walk back into the living room and you'll pass by the office. You'd pass by there if you walked back into the "hallway" but I'm doing things in a weird order. Mwah! There is another bookshelf next to the door where I was standing. Don't panic. (Not that you would.)

Outside the office door you'll see a cute little table with a fountain and stuff. I just really like it. But I don't collect Willow Trees so don't go getting any ideas.

The dining room is monstrous and yellow. I'd like to do something about the latter. For now though, my table is still a super star!

This is half of my wonderful kitchen. Behind me would be a microwave stand and cookbooks. To my right is the laundry room which is not pictured because it's boring, cluttered, and not pretty. Nor will I show the garage because it's also boring and not pretty, though it's pretty clean. And my kitchen looks really cluttered. But it's not, really, it's not.

So I guess since you've seen my house I need to invite you over to dinner. But here's fair warning: I did just get a Thai cookbook and have yet to use it. Come at your own risk!

DSR-- Duffy Street Reunion

Last week (was it last week? It feels like a month ago!) I met with Devon, Ebert, and Charity for a Duffy Street Reunion.

Our little home on Duffy Street is where many of my most cherished memories from the past four years were housed. (Literally, figuratively, you get the point.)

We had some hard times, we had a lot of good times, we had a crummy landlord, and we had creepy crawly things in the basement. It's where Dusty and I fell in love, where we watched the Colts win the Super Bowl, and where we hosted many many game nights for our friends.

Mistakes were made in that house, friendships were strengthened in that house, and a lot of homework was avoided in that house!

If the walls could talk they would tell about the girls who were late to class, planning a wedding, watching LOST, and drinking Jones Soda. They would tell about all the instruments that called that house home, about the Hummer parked in the driveway for a week, and about the wild parties we witnessed our neighbors have from the kitchen window. (Trash cans as a beer cooler anyone?)

And all those memories were made for only, (insert Dewayne Squires voice here): "One eighty-seven fifty!"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Here!

Actually, It's been here for a while. But what with a little move we just made and all, I've only just now uploaded pictures to my computer. But this one is classic Dusty.

(he's so cute...!)

Wedding Season

Well everyone, wedding season is rolling around again and this one is promising to be one of the most eventful yet! (Aside from well, my wedding season.)

Couple #1: Sam Crabtree and Jennifer Den Dekker
The date is yet to come, but I couldn't be happier for these two! Sam was one of the catalysts to mine and Dusty's a-gettin' together and Jenn was a wonderful housemate. If I know anything about these two their wedding will one to remember! (Picture cred goes to Sam's mom; I stole it from facebook.)

Couple #2: Matt Nall and Tasha Adkins
Matt and Tasha! Again, couldn't be happier that these two have found each other. They have a great story and the Lord has definitely been good, good, good to them! Their nuptials will take place August 15th.

Dusty will be a groomsmen in both of their weddings. I can't wait to attend and to affirm with everyone that the bonds the Lord has placed in these two couple's lives is from Him and is good!


As I was driving back to my house this afternoon after running some errands this reality sunk in: I have moved to a different town. Not just a different house in the same town like I'm used to but literally a whole new town, new county (you know, because I live in Kentucky), new house, new job (or in my case lack thereof), new people, new church. New everything.

And that means LOTS of new blog material!

Today I went to this store called Cox's. My aunt had told me last week that if Cox's doesn't have it, you don't need it. That's a pretty big reputation to live up to. I forgot to bring my camera, so these pictures from my phone will have to do, but she was pretty much right!

And on the way back, I definitely got stuck in the middle of the longest school bus caravan I've ever encountered.

Aaaah, life in the country.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boring Baby Video

This is a little vid d. and I took a little while ago. It's about Gabby and her new toy. Mainly she's just really cute, so if you don't like babies or videos you probably don't want to watch this.

However, if you just want to watch a little bit, she does smile at the beginning! And please excuse my ignorance at the beginning as I was not aware hubs had clicked record.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Top 10 Signs You Live In The Country

10: Every season is roadkill season!

9: You get stuck behind a farming caravan consisting of two tractors and a combine--on a daily basis.

8: The majority of cars that pass you are trucks, and the majority of these trucks have flames painted down the side or placed over the grill.

7: Going to Wal-Mart is not convenient anymore and going to a convenience store is even worse.

6: Gas is 10 cents higher than in the nearest big city.

5: You have to drive 30 minutes to eat at restaurants where you leave a tip.

4: All your friends think you've moved to a different country.

3: You can actually see the stars at night.

2: The song Over the River and Through the Woods is not just a seasonal tune.

1: The names of town get progressively stranger the farther out you go. (Example: Flaherty, Tip Top, and Garrett.**)

**While Garrett is a perfectly wonderful first name (or middle or last) would you want to say, "My name's Garrett and I'm from Garrett." (?)

I thought not.**

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winding Down

Well the Big Move has come and gone this week. I can't believe that we got everything moved into the house in three hours. I shudder at what moving will be like once we have kids... agh!

To give all you non-Kentucky readers (and well, frankly some of you Kentucky readers as well!) an idea as to where we are living I'm providing the following visual aide:

See that little green county? That's where we moved from; that's Taylor County. (Not to be confused with Green County which is right next to it. Get it? Green...) We then moved to Hardin County, which I have not colored but is two up diagonally to the left, right below the red county, which is where we live now, officially known as Meade County, whose high school mascot is the Green Waves, again not to be confused with Green County or Taylor County, which is colored green.

I make myself smile!

Basically we live in the middle of a field. I'm planning on taking pictures when I feel the timing is right, (or when the rest of the boxes get unpacked, I haven't decided.)

Again, to all you non-Kentucky folk: I, too, find it strange that everything here is divided by counties. I never said, "I'm from Clay County," when I lived in Missouri. I said, "I'm from Kearney."

But when I Rome... or Meade... well, you get the picture.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

If Abe Can Do It...

In honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, a look at things 200 years later.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LIFE <----- [crazy]

Right now I'm about eyeballs deep in boxes full of stuff that I wonder if I even care about anymore. Give me Dusty, clothes, and my books and I'll sit on the floor sans furniture and be happy.

For about a day. Then I'll want furniture. Necessary evil I guess.

Soon I hope to have pictures of the new house up, preferably once all the ugly cardboard is out of the way.

For now, thanks for your prayers (all ye 10 people who read this blog) and keep them up! Dusty and I want breakthrough with this group and we're gonna get it!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thoughts In A Ski Lodge

Here's the thing: if I have to have an apparatus strapped to my feet (besides shoes) odds are I'm going to be abysmal at it.

What is "it?" Small list:
  • ice skating
  • snow boarding
  • rollerblading
  • rollerskating
  • skateboarding
Etc., etc.

So on this youth trip I am sitting in the ski lodge. This isn't a friendly "moose head above the fireplace" ski lodge. This is like, mall food court ski lodge.

But there's wireless here so that boosts my happy points by about 10.

What I should be doing is my CNA homework. What I am doing, is, well, obvious.

I would just ask that you all continue to pray for us as we start this new venture into youth ministry. We don't want to have a job just to have a job. It's no excuse to say that the economy is bad and we had to take what we could get. We know this is where the Lord has placed us and we are so excited about the opportunity to get to know these kids. Youth. Teenagers. Whatever.

I don't know where that came from, just felt like getting it out.

And also, two of the youth have iPod Touch-es and I'm about 99% sure I'll be owning one soon. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Self Absorbed

Warning, this post is completely shallow and self absorbed.

It's just that I found out I could do something today that I haven't been able to do in quite some time.

It's not the splits either.

That, my friends, is a stubby little ponytail.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009





And we couldn't be more excited! I get the feeling that I'm the living definition of "bright-eyed and bushy tailed" or "still wet behind the ears" or "green."

We've lived and learned before and I know that there will be plenty of that to go around. But we will keep the fact that the Lord is GOOD at the front of our home and our lives and take things one step at a time.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement through this whole process!

Big Night!

Tonight the wonderful people at Buck Grove Baptist Church are voting on whether they want Dusty to be the new youth minister.

I'm praying for two thumbs waaaay up!

We could quite possibly come home and have one of us be employed. Great huh?

If you think about it in the next few hours, pray that we would have favor with the congregation.

Update to follow!

Monday, February 9, 2009

One Down, A Lot To Go

I finished There Is No Me Without You over the weekend. Sadly, I was gone all weekend and didn't bring along another book! Aaaaaah!

But I'm back to the Grove tonight and I'm about to start this book:

Don't judge me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I own 52 books that I have not read, not including the one that I'm reading now, which I also have not read all the way.

I'm realizing there is something wrong with that number. Like really wrong. So I'm going to do something about it. I'm going to actually read them. I mean really, some have been sitting on my shelves for a year or two. Haven't touched them.

So I am challenging myself and the challenge is for me not to buy another single book until I've read all the other ones I own. The plus side of this is maybe I will go through them quickly because I love buying books. The downside of this is, that's a lot of books.

I'm going to use this blog to keep me accountable. I may lie, but you'll never know! (Just kidding...)

I will post each time I've started a book and write perhaps a brief summary after I've finished. And the cycle will continue... 52 more times.

Currently I am reading There Is No Me Without You by Melissa Fay Greene. I took Devon's advice and it's been well worth it. I'm not through yet, but I'm loving (and hating) it. If you're ready to be slammed in the face with a harsh dose of reality (and to swear off buying brand name pharmaceuticals at all costs) then this is definitely a book for you.

Click here to look inside!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Being A Nerd Pays Off

Confession: when I was in elementary school (and part of middle school) I collected stamps.

Go ahead, laugh it up.

But before you do, look at this:

While I was home for Christmas, I found an old, green, plastic Coca-Cola bottle full of old stamps from tons of different countries! I've got stamps from everywhere: Dominican Republic, Belgium, Greece, Canada, Kenya, Romania, Russia, and London to name a few.

And most are post marked, which I think is even cooler. Here are a few more shots of some of my favorites:

So what have I learned from this? Sometimes, being a huge nerd pays off because this collection is rad!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Favorite Ad

What was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Here is my ultimate favorite:

The next one is my first runner up:

...aaaand here's the second runner up:

Frankly I'm happy it was such a close game, because I felt the commercials were a little lacking. It helped that I was in a room full of screaming Steelers fans. Now that is an experience!

Why So Glum?

Not all Steelers fans are happy today.

What Did Your Ice Storm Look Like?

If you weren't fortunate enough to get blasted by Old Man Winter this year, you're lucky. (That's a shout out to all my Missouri readers! Woot!)

Here are some pictures, a collaborative effort from the FIL and myself. Enjoy!

The Little Ads That Couldn't has made a pretty risky pro-life ad that got a big, fat denied from NBC. Here it is:

While I'm a little sad that it was rejected I am happy to see that NBC also denied the one from PETA. It's so obscene I'm not even going to link to it. Apparently, sex sells, even if it's selling vegetables.

Also be on the look out for the Miller Lite commercials, which are only about 1 second long. (Short?) I saw some on the news this morning any they're pretty good.

Anyone else look forward to Super Bowl ads? Almost as much as the game? (I mean... Go Steelers!)