Monday, February 23, 2009

Top 10 Signs You Live In The Country

10: Every season is roadkill season!

9: You get stuck behind a farming caravan consisting of two tractors and a combine--on a daily basis.

8: The majority of cars that pass you are trucks, and the majority of these trucks have flames painted down the side or placed over the grill.

7: Going to Wal-Mart is not convenient anymore and going to a convenience store is even worse.

6: Gas is 10 cents higher than in the nearest big city.

5: You have to drive 30 minutes to eat at restaurants where you leave a tip.

4: All your friends think you've moved to a different country.

3: You can actually see the stars at night.

2: The song Over the River and Through the Woods is not just a seasonal tune.

1: The names of town get progressively stranger the farther out you go. (Example: Flaherty, Tip Top, and Garrett.**)

**While Garrett is a perfectly wonderful first name (or middle or last) would you want to say, "My name's Garrett and I'm from Garrett." (?)

I thought not.**


Charity said...

I love it! Now you know how I felt for 18 years of my life...have fun lookin at the stars :)

Laura said...

Re: #1 you didn't mention "Hog Wallow" which is actually pronounced "Hog Waller"

Garrett said...

i think it would be awesome to say "my name is garrett.....and i'm from garrett"

so far im half way there!