Thursday, February 26, 2009

Because You Asked

It has been a little over 9 months since Dusty and I tied the knot. And we had a cute, cozy little apartment in Campbellsville.

It's pretty cool where the Lord will take you in such a short amount of time. And now we have a cute, cozy little house in the country. Wanna see? Let's take a tour together shall we?

This is a pretty hurried shot because I was cold. It's actually about half the house but you get the idea. White with black shutters.

Ahlan wa sahlan! Bienvenidos! Welcome!

Come have a seat in our living room, play some Wii, and watch TV. (No, Mother, I did not intentionally take a picture with Barak on the screen.)

Wondering where those doors lead? This is as close to a hallway as we're going to get! The door on the left leads to our bedroom which is not pictured because, hey, a girl's gotta have some mystique right?

This is our ugly spare bedroom. I don't like the bedspread, but I can't find my other one. It is down filled though so when you come to visit you'll sleep like a baby.

This is our tiny yet functional bathroom. I dig the shower curtain. I've also yet to find the best way to get into the shower once the water's running; either way you're running into fixtures. Any suggestions? And admit it, you want a yellow toilet.

Walk back into the living room and you'll pass by the office. You'd pass by there if you walked back into the "hallway" but I'm doing things in a weird order. Mwah! There is another bookshelf next to the door where I was standing. Don't panic. (Not that you would.)

Outside the office door you'll see a cute little table with a fountain and stuff. I just really like it. But I don't collect Willow Trees so don't go getting any ideas.

The dining room is monstrous and yellow. I'd like to do something about the latter. For now though, my table is still a super star!

This is half of my wonderful kitchen. Behind me would be a microwave stand and cookbooks. To my right is the laundry room which is not pictured because it's boring, cluttered, and not pretty. Nor will I show the garage because it's also boring and not pretty, though it's pretty clean. And my kitchen looks really cluttered. But it's not, really, it's not.

So I guess since you've seen my house I need to invite you over to dinner. But here's fair warning: I did just get a Thai cookbook and have yet to use it. Come at your own risk!


Andrea said...

When can I book my overnight stay? I'll even bring the red curry paste!

Devon said...

So cute! What day do you want to experiment? :)

Ed said...

Gabby didn't see any place for her to sleep and she's not sure she likes Thai cooking, but she says she'd like to come visit sometime anyway.

She says Wii miss you!