Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As I was driving back to my house this afternoon after running some errands this reality sunk in: I have moved to a different town. Not just a different house in the same town like I'm used to but literally a whole new town, new county (you know, because I live in Kentucky), new house, new job (or in my case lack thereof), new people, new church. New everything.

And that means LOTS of new blog material!

Today I went to this store called Cox's. My aunt had told me last week that if Cox's doesn't have it, you don't need it. That's a pretty big reputation to live up to. I forgot to bring my camera, so these pictures from my phone will have to do, but she was pretty much right!

And on the way back, I definitely got stuck in the middle of the longest school bus caravan I've ever encountered.

Aaaah, life in the country.


Devon said...

yikes. maybe those kids need to ride on the same bus. lol

Charity said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I spent lots of time in Cox's, and I know where those buses are headed...Oh life in Meade Co...I have a feeling I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the blog entries that are to come :)

Lindsay said...

Cox's is a pretty sweet place. Danelle and I used to go visit her cousin there before she moved off to school.

and it's true, if it isn't at Cox's, you probably don't need