Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Night!

Tonight the wonderful people at Buck Grove Baptist Church are voting on whether they want Dusty to be the new youth minister.

I'm praying for two thumbs waaaay up!

We could quite possibly come home and have one of us be employed. Great huh?

If you think about it in the next few hours, pray that we would have favor with the congregation.

Update to follow!


Andrea said...

My vote: YES!!!!

What's that? My vote doesn't count?

Adam Truax said...

Paying Commenced.

Ed said...

So here's how we find out the news:

D and E come through the door at 8:55PM. "It's five minutes until Lost, can we watch it in your bedroom? Oh by the way the street is closed we had a hard time getting back here.

Oh yeah, we got the job."

Congratulations guys, we are very proud of you!