Friday, February 27, 2009

Because They Did It

Andrea posted about her favorite flowers and Emily followed suit. And I truly feels as though if I will Spring to arrive soon, she will in all her splendor! What better way than to blog about flowers? So I will too! Here is a photo-list of my favorite flowers, in no particular order.

Cherry Blossom: Technically this is a bloom I guess, but I like them regardless!

Hydrangea: Oh my gosh I LOVE hydrangeas! I love the clean, crisp value they add to any room or arrangement.

Lilac: So my parents have two huge lilac bushes on either side of the walkway to their front porch and they emit the most heavenly smell I've ever encountered. Mmmmm...

Ranunculus: These flowers would be fairies' favorites is fairies existed. But since they don't, I'll claim them as one of my favorites.

Poppies: Poppies are the ultimate, "Hey I'm here and I'm having fun!" flower. Love 'em!

Peony: Do you want to know what I love about these flowers? They are large and in charge!

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Emily said...

Ah! I love hydrangeas too! They are super easy to dry and use year-round (that's what we do in my house, anyway...).

PS: The word verification prompt that blogger is giving me below is "shterio"....doesn't that sound like Sean Connery trying to say "stereo"? lol