Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winding Down

Well the Big Move has come and gone this week. I can't believe that we got everything moved into the house in three hours. I shudder at what moving will be like once we have kids... agh!

To give all you non-Kentucky readers (and well, frankly some of you Kentucky readers as well!) an idea as to where we are living I'm providing the following visual aide:

See that little green county? That's where we moved from; that's Taylor County. (Not to be confused with Green County which is right next to it. Get it? Green...) We then moved to Hardin County, which I have not colored but is two up diagonally to the left, right below the red county, which is where we live now, officially known as Meade County, whose high school mascot is the Green Waves, again not to be confused with Green County or Taylor County, which is colored green.

I make myself smile!

Basically we live in the middle of a field. I'm planning on taking pictures when I feel the timing is right, (or when the rest of the boxes get unpacked, I haven't decided.)

Again, to all you non-Kentucky folk: I, too, find it strange that everything here is divided by counties. I never said, "I'm from Clay County," when I lived in Missouri. I said, "I'm from Kearney."

But when I Rome... or Meade... well, you get the picture.



Devon said...

ha! That county thing used to really throw me off in college. I guess I starting to understand why they do it though.

Lindsay said...

when there's 120 counties, and most don't have a major city to identify them, counties is the way to go....