Monday, March 31, 2008

Waste of Time

Would you all like to hear my current definition of a colossal waste of time? How about a five page paper of phosphorus. Yeah, like the element.

In my four years of college I've never been so indignant over writing a paper. Truthfully I should feel blessed: Dusty is sitting beside me tap tap tapping away on the keyboard working on his journals for his social stratification class. 30 pages.

Or my too cool friend Andrea who has like a bajillion and one papers also due soon.

Or my also too cool friends Erika and Garrett who sit in their rooms and translate Greek sentences all day... right guys? ;)

But phosphorus?! Give me a break!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Street Beat

Today Dusty and two of his friends head to Louisville to find, meet, and spend the night with homeless people.

They really don't have an agenda or a plan at all; just threw some clothes in a backpack and piled in the car.

They're coming back tomorrow and I can't wait to hear their stories. Pray that they would be safe while they're out on the streets and that they could meet guys who need to be met. Check back in the next couple days for an update.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring CLEAN!

Today was my day. Today I did something that I haven't done in years. I spring cleaned.

Depsite the fact that there were snow flurries today I spring cleaned. Now, in my tiny apartment, after having been through 2 moves in the past year, you wouldn't think there would be much to do. OH! But there was!

At the end of the madness, I ended up hauling to Goodwill:
  • one suitcase FULL of clothes
  • two garbage bags FULL of clothes
  • one garbage bag FULL of purses
  • one box FULL of shoes
  • one laundry basket FULL of books

My apartment feels like it's lost 50 lbs! Too bad that doesn't work for me... :) Happy Spring Cleaning everyone!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Your blood was the flood that devestated sin
Yeah you tore out all obstruction
And you poured your Spirit into me
You're inside me

Thank you, Jesus
Thank you, Jesus

(lyrics from a song we sang at church this morning, written by one of our congregation)
Today is the day we remember that you, oh Lord, are the only God who has walked among His people. And when we remember that you, oh Lord, are the only God that holds death at bay. So again we say thank you, Jesus.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Word I Really Like

If you know me at all, you know that I am getting married in a little under two months. While the wedding plans are getting down to the nitty gritty (for instance, do I want the greenery to have white specks, or should it just be pure green?) there is one word that I have gotten caught up in today...


...and that, my friends, makes it all worth it. 

Currently Reading

How To Rip Off Wal-Mart

A few nights ago I was making my daily Wal-Mart run (sidenote: why can I not remember to get everything on my list the first time?) when the cashier whose line I was in discovered she had been scammed! Here's what went down:

Earlier in the evening a man had come through the line and had bought about $45 worth of merchendise. He paid with a 5 dollar bill and then gave her $40 worth of dimes, already rolled.

She went to make change for the person in front of me and broke into the dime rolls, only to find that there was a dime on each end but on the inside there was only pennies!

Needless to say the considerate Wal-mart employees felt the need to start a full investigation right as I was up to check out. 20 minutes later, I was out of the store, new toothbrush in tow.

Monday, March 17, 2008

What Does A Two Year Old Carry In Their Purse?

My purse, over the years, has become things of legend. You never know what I may be carrying, but I can guarantee that unless I can fit a good-sized novel in my bag, I will not carry it.

Today one of my girls, we'll call her Sarah, came in with the cutest little flowery purse. I asked her, "Sarah, what do you have in that cool purse of yours?"

Any guesses?

Why, what else but a bottle of chocolate milk! Luckily we discovered it and got it refrigerated, before things started growing in her purse.


Show and Tell Day with two year olds is always a trip... (have I mentioned that anything with two year olds is always a trip?) but last Thursday topped it all.

Meet Copper, our new classroom pet:

What is this, you may ask? I think I will call it the World's Largest...Tadpole!

We took a class poll to see what we should name him. Some of the options were: "T-Rex," "Dinosaur," "Fishy," "Copper," and "Orangey." In the end Ms. Becky and I made an executive decision. Copper it is!

Though we've told them numerous times that it's a tadpole and not a "fishy" there are some that cannot grasp that concept. I cannot wait to see the look on their faces when "fishy" is one day a "froggy." And of course, I'll keep you all updated.

I Love This Poem

trains of winnipeg

i am a train of winnipeg
i’ve had no home till now
i hurtled north and east and west
and flung my song to crowds

i am a train of winnipeg
for years they couldn’t hear
the longing song i sung for them
their hands spoke of their fear

i am a train of winnipeg
my roaring engine, steel and wheel
the fire-the crash-the size, my hands,
the way the driver feels

i am a train of winnipeg
i’m coupling ice and field,
and mountains, lakes and coastal rains
i asked for you and kneeled

i am a train of winnipeg
your branches, switches, spurs
steer me to the sky and back
i’m driving north, i’m yours

i am a train of winnipeg
we lie on gravel beds
i cross and cross your river arms
your legs, your dreams, your head

i am a train of winnipeg
the sun plays on my yard
on your wide streets and dirty stores,
churches, parks and bars

i am a train of winnipeg
i love to taste your food
your parents brought you from afar
you’re salty, sweet and crude

i am a train of winnipeg
i will never leave
i’m parking in your station house
groan, and gasp, and heave

i am a train of winnipeg
i’m wintering in you
i’m embers in your winter glove
(each day your skin is new)

i am a train of winnipeg
you’re geese on steel-white sky
your V follows me overhead
charcoaled on my mind’s eye

i am a train of winnipeg
i’ve had no home till you
your dress, the wind, your tangled hair
my rail on track is true.

Clive Holden

Regaining Her Depravity

Yet again I had another really really cool dream last night that I'd like to share with everyone.

[Please know that I don't share these dreams to say, "Look how the Lord talks to me; I'm so awesome," but because I truly believe that the dreams that I dream can give insight and edification to all believers.]

I was in a hotel room with another friend and there were two dead people on the bed. My friend was sitting in the middle of them and everyone around us was telling us that they were dead. I seemed to be the only one that could see one of them moving their pointer finger slightly and the other one fluttering their eyelids. They may have been dead, but they were so close to life.

I kept telling people they weren't dead but no one would believe me, even my friend sitting next to them. So instead of praying that the Lord would raise them from the dead, I prayed against the spirits keeping them dead. And immediately they got up and were alive!

One of them, the girl, got up and I could tell that she still thought she was in heaven. She had a huge broad smile, and was walking talking about Jesus and how beautiful he was. I took her hand and said, "Come walk down the hall with me."

As we walked, I saw her demeanor change. It was as if a dark cloud descended upon her whole countenance. And I heard a voice whisper to me, "You are watching her regain her depravity."

Again, I have no idea what this dream means. Depravity was a word that I thought about a lot yesterday... maybe this dream is what it is and requires no interpretation. Either way, thanks Lord! Thanks for providing such awesome words to us, even while we sleep.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Different Than We Think

I had a really cool dream this past week that I'd like to share with you:

Dusty and I and our friend Dave were standing in front of a building. It was a building that we knew to be a prison, but not an American prison. It was a prison designed specifically for believers in Christ. We knew that this was not a functioning building, so there really was no immediate danger, but it still loomed ominously before us. It was all black and dark, and well...rather scary.

Dave asked us, "What does this building say to you?"

I immediately responded, "God's love is different than we think." And then I walked away.

To tell you the truth, this dream has bothered me all week. Usually when the Lord speaks to me through dreams I know exactly what He's saying. But right now, I have no clue. I have a few theories but none of them totally measure up to what an awesome word I think the Lord was giving me.

So I urge you to think of what this dream means to you--especially in the context of fear and threat of imprisonment: how is God's love different than we think?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Senior Citizen Cone

Two posts in one day is totally acceptable if you haven't posted in a few weeks. So there. Nah.

Today I have an ear infection, or so Sharon at Central Kentucky Primary Care tells me. That means I got to go to Dairy Queen with my grandparents and Dusty to eat after the doctor appointment. (Long story involving my grandparents being hypochondriacs.)

After a fulfilling meal of turkey club sandwhich and fries, we all still were lacking that one thing that put DQ on the map... why ice cream of course! The order was: 3 blizzards and a small vanilla cone for my papa.

So I decided to see if I could get him a small, vanilla, senior citizen's cone for free. I'm afraid what I thought was clever and winsome turned into me sounding like a jerk. Here's how the conversation went:

Dirk**: "May I take your order?"
Me: "Yes, but first I have a question. An order and a question. I've heard that some Dairy
Queens give free small cones to senior citizens. Do you all do that?" (note: that was a total
Dirk: "No ma'am I'm sorry we don't."
Me: "Well ok...i'd like a not free small cone and 3 small blizzards."


So there... sorry Dirk. I did not mean to be a jerk. Would not could not on a train. Would not could not in a plane.

**name changed to protect the innocent.**

Ring of Power

Go ahead, give me a virtual slap on the wrist: I have been a bad blogger. Almost a month has gone by and no new posts. The two people who read this blog must be overcome with joy as my blog flashes across their RSS feeder as "new post!" You're welcome. I do this all for you.

Recently, we bought Dusty's wedding band (another check off the ole wedding to-do list.) It's made of tungsten (element W on the periodic table, thank you E.K. Sutton). Here is the thing that I find daring and dangerous about our purchase:

We were informed by sweet little old lady Peggy, our sales associate, that if Dusty were to ever get in an accident, the paramedics would not be able to cut the ring off his finger, that's how strong it is. She claimed that she wasn't using scare tactics on us, just that if she had a ring that was indestructable she'd want to know.

Our response: "Thank you Peggy, we'll take the tungsten!"