Monday, March 17, 2008


Show and Tell Day with two year olds is always a trip... (have I mentioned that anything with two year olds is always a trip?) but last Thursday topped it all.

Meet Copper, our new classroom pet:

What is this, you may ask? I think I will call it the World's Largest...Tadpole!

We took a class poll to see what we should name him. Some of the options were: "T-Rex," "Dinosaur," "Fishy," "Copper," and "Orangey." In the end Ms. Becky and I made an executive decision. Copper it is!

Though we've told them numerous times that it's a tadpole and not a "fishy" there are some that cannot grasp that concept. I cannot wait to see the look on their faces when "fishy" is one day a "froggy." And of course, I'll keep you all updated.

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