Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Senior Citizen Cone

Two posts in one day is totally acceptable if you haven't posted in a few weeks. So there. Nah.

Today I have an ear infection, or so Sharon at Central Kentucky Primary Care tells me. That means I got to go to Dairy Queen with my grandparents and Dusty to eat after the doctor appointment. (Long story involving my grandparents being hypochondriacs.)

After a fulfilling meal of turkey club sandwhich and fries, we all still were lacking that one thing that put DQ on the map... why ice cream of course! The order was: 3 blizzards and a small vanilla cone for my papa.

So I decided to see if I could get him a small, vanilla, senior citizen's cone for free. I'm afraid what I thought was clever and winsome turned into me sounding like a jerk. Here's how the conversation went:

Dirk**: "May I take your order?"
Me: "Yes, but first I have a question. An order and a question. I've heard that some Dairy
Queens give free small cones to senior citizens. Do you all do that?" (note: that was a total
Dirk: "No ma'am I'm sorry we don't."
Me: "Well ok...i'd like a not free small cone and 3 small blizzards."


So there... sorry Dirk. I did not mean to be a jerk. Would not could not on a train. Would not could not in a plane.

**name changed to protect the innocent.**

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