Saturday, March 22, 2008

How To Rip Off Wal-Mart

A few nights ago I was making my daily Wal-Mart run (sidenote: why can I not remember to get everything on my list the first time?) when the cashier whose line I was in discovered she had been scammed! Here's what went down:

Earlier in the evening a man had come through the line and had bought about $45 worth of merchendise. He paid with a 5 dollar bill and then gave her $40 worth of dimes, already rolled.

She went to make change for the person in front of me and broke into the dime rolls, only to find that there was a dime on each end but on the inside there was only pennies!

Needless to say the considerate Wal-mart employees felt the need to start a full investigation right as I was up to check out. 20 minutes later, I was out of the store, new toothbrush in tow.

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Andrea said...

that's hilarious! FYI, Emily S. made my new blog banner and informed me that she LOVES doing if you want a custom one from her, hit her up!