Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ring of Power

Go ahead, give me a virtual slap on the wrist: I have been a bad blogger. Almost a month has gone by and no new posts. The two people who read this blog must be overcome with joy as my blog flashes across their RSS feeder as "new post!" You're welcome. I do this all for you.

Recently, we bought Dusty's wedding band (another check off the ole wedding to-do list.) It's made of tungsten (element W on the periodic table, thank you E.K. Sutton). Here is the thing that I find daring and dangerous about our purchase:

We were informed by sweet little old lady Peggy, our sales associate, that if Dusty were to ever get in an accident, the paramedics would not be able to cut the ring off his finger, that's how strong it is. She claimed that she wasn't using scare tactics on us, just that if she had a ring that was indestructable she'd want to know.

Our response: "Thank you Peggy, we'll take the tungsten!"

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