Monday, June 2, 2008

Dear Studio 434

Dear Studio 434,

Today my friend and I had appointments with a certain one of your stylists. Our appointments were for 5:00 and 5:30. We were so excited, not only for a new 'do, but because we had heard from several sources that this particular stylist was "the best" in Campbellsville.

We arrived on time and the stylist was not there. No biggie, we're laid back. We proceeded to wait 15 more minutes, until we heard the only stylist in the shop tell another customer that the particular stylist with whom our appointments were made was not going to be there. Notice this: we were never told about this before the appointment, and we were never directly told when we got there.

So I spoke up. "Um, excuse me, but we had appointments with ____________ (insert name here) for 5 and 5:30. Are we going to be able to get our hair done?"

And how did you respond Studio 434? "Well, __________ isn't going to be here, so she told me that I should handle you two."

Excuse me? If I had wanted to make an appointment with you, ma'am, I would have requested you. As it is, I wanted __________. Not you. ___________.

If this is how you plan to run your business that's your prerogative. (For all you Campbellsville educated people, that means you can run your silly shop however you'd like.) I, however, am tired of being treated like dirt whenever I try to get some service around here.

  • To Fantastic Sam's: "Do not tell me that my wait will only be 30 minutes when there are five people in front of me. If I've reduced myself to going to Fantastic Sam's, I'm not going to back out. You should have just told me that I would have to wait for an hour and a half!"
  • To Baskin Robins: "Would it be so hard for you to take out the trash, give some direction to the lines, and clean the tables? I know you're new, but I was disgusted by how I was treated."
  • To Forcht Bank: "Would it kill you to be nice when I come through the drive-through? Did I do something wrong by asking to open a savings account today? I know, I know... the customer is such an inconvenience."

  • To Studio 434: Two words: Not Impressed. (And trust me, I'm being nice.)

With that said, yes, I did get my haircut today. And guess what Studio 434: I got a haircut that I'm more than pleased with for $13. I will never, ever be tempted to go to your shop again. Thank you for making this decision for me with your unprofessional, unbusinesslike, small town mentality. It is much appreciated.

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