Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yesterday d. and i celebrated our one monthiversary. While doing something about our mountain of clean laundry today I began pondering what all I've learned about love since being married for a month:

  • Love is dealing with the fact that Beloved and yourself work at two totally opposite paces. And, since you are the "fast" one that means being patient.
  • Love is being kind to Beloved even when they get the counter sopping wet and don't change the empty toilet paper roll.
  • Love does not envy the fact that Beloved has a cake job and gets to read a lot while they work, while you may say... be wiping snotty three year old noses all day.
  • Love does not boast that they had a "totally rad!" day while Beloved is down in the dumps.
  • Love is not too proud to be served.
  • Love is not rude even when Beloved has done something that has annoyed you for the (seemingly) one millionth time.
  • Love is not self-seeking enough to take advantage of how much Beloved cares for them.
  • Love is not easily angered when in the midst of a "lover's spat," even if they have a completely legitimate point.
  • Love doesn't keep track of all the times Beloved has hurt their feelings or fallen short.
  • Love chooses to be happy when Beloved speaks truth, even when it may hurt and a lie may have been an easier option.
  • Love protects Beloved, trusts Beloved's words, hopes the best for Beloved, and perserveres in discovering life together.

So happy Monthiversary (a day late) Dusty. And know that i capital "L" love you.

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