Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Good Morning Room

Some people have intelligent conversations at work. Here are some snippets of mine from this morning: (names changed to protect the kiddos.)

Me: "John, what are you building?"
John: "A boolet."
Me: "...a what?"
John: "A boolet. You know... for a gun."
Me: "Oh! A bullet... you know, we aren't supposed to play guns at school John."
John: "Well how am I supposed to get the bad guys? A boolet helps me bandage the bad guys to the fence before the train gets there!"

This is the point where I decide the conversation is going nowhere. I tell John not to play with boolets anymore. I walk away, and immediately am cornered by Robert...

Robert: "Miss Emily! You know what they are making at Micky Donald's? Transformer toys!"
Me: "Sounds like some insider information Robert. How do you know?"
Robert: "Because it's Transformers!"

Child runs away to play with John and the boolets. I sit down to color with three of my girls.

Lucy: "Why are you coloring that bear orange?"
Me: "Haven't you ever heard of an orange bear?"
Lucy: "Bears aren't orange!"
Suzie: "Yeah, that's silly!"
Me: "What color did you just color that little girl's arm?"
Lucy: ""

Soon, it's time to clean up toys and I have a few minutes to burn before we leave for breakfast. I decide to show each table our classroom newts, Thomas and Heart. Thomas and Heart eat shrimp and it's been in there a while...

Me: "Robert, Kevin do you see the newts?"
Robert/Kevin: "No... where..?. I don't see them...? where are they...? Transformers..."
Me: "Right there..." points under some small greenery
Robert puts his whole face in the terrarium for a better look.
Robert: "ARGH! It smells so bad my nose is going to throw up!"

I decide the newts have had enough action for the day.

Another day, another grind...

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