Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yard Sale, Oh my Gah

It happens every year. Every single year!

I don't know if it's due to my compulsive need to constantly de-clutter or if it's the prospect of making $10, but every year I feel the need to organize a yard sale, and every year I do and I hate the process, and then the yard sale day comes and at the end I whine to anyone who will listen,

"If I ever say I want to do another yard sale again, you have permission to slap me."

Yet as a new summer rolls around Dusty graciously declines to take me up on my offer as I'm sending him texts such as, 

"How attached are you to our popcorn maker?"
"When are you going to go through your clothes?"
"Can we sell the cat?" (That one was a joke... mostly.)

I mean look at this pitiful creature:

At any rate this really is all Cousin Hannah's fault. She's the one who tempted me into doing a yard sale with her. I blame her. For everything. Amen.

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