Friday, November 18, 2011

New New Beginnings

Well hello to the small handful of folks who read my blog! It has been a whirlwind of a past few weeks. OK, months.

Here's some crazy awesome news: remember that new job I started in August? Well, I'm starting another new one! I've been given a "promotion" so to speak to a full time Resident Director of the freshman girl's dorm. This means a few things:

1.) We have to move. Again. Luckily, it's only across campus
2.) We have to put even more stuff in storage. I am a-ok with this, for the most part.
3.) Dusty will be living in a girl's dormitory. He's a-ok with this, for the most part.
4.) I'll get to start learning an entirely new job. So far, on day 2 in the office, Post-it notes are my best friend. I mean they're everywhere. To the point where it's sort of embarrassing.

Stay tuned for hopefully more regular posting. I mean, after I move, and finish out my first semester in grad school. Then I'll do it. Probably.

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