Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Conversation Piece

A few months back I made mention to my grandma that I wanted some bamboo for around the house. Not a lot, just a few stalks that would grow through the winter, giving me green in my life when I had none.

I walked into my grandparent's house tonight and the first thing I saw was this vase, along with two other similar ones, sitting on their coffee table. My mouth agape, I looked at my grandma with that questioning look that only the most confounded could give. She bunched her shoulders up and said in the cutest old lady voice, "Aren't they cute? I picked them up at a yard sale for only a quarter! I got one for all three of the girls!" (That being myself and my two female cousins!)

She proceeded to tear off two stalks of her own bamboo plant and put them in my new vase. She said everyone needs a conversation piece in their home and this was her way of giving me one! It now sits proudly on top of the spindled ledge in my house.


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Andrea said...

Your grandma sounds like my kind of lady!