Friday, October 5, 2007

Lawn Gnome Caper

As I drove back to my house on Tuesday, I noticed something orange sitting on my porch. Curiously, I went out to see what it was and was surprised to see the ugliest chew toy I have ever seen, with a note that read:

"If you ever want to see your gnome again, go to the bench at Hole 1, Par 3 golf course at Miller Park."

Puzzled, I called Garrett and he and I headed out on what turned out to be a multi-stop wild goose chase all over Campbellsville! Luckily, my gnome is back in his rightful spot, though has moved his post to the back patio and not the front porch.

If anyone is interested, search "Andy Hrabar" on facebook and add "him" as a's my gnome. And keep your ears out for any practical jokers! I'd love to know who pulled off such an excellent prank!

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