Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Arguing Prepositions With A Two Year Old

Here is a recent conversation I had at work. The kids were walking outside around the building (wet playgrounds are such a bummer) and were instructed to stay within the yellow no parking lines painted on the asphalt as cars often come quickly through the parking lot. (Click here for a visual.) This particular child was walking the outer yellow line, much like one would walk a tightrope...

Me: "Molly, stay on the yellow please."
Molly: "I am on the yellow." (as she walks the yellow line)
Me: "Ok, stay in the yellow then."
Molly: (looking puzzled) "I am in yellow."
Me: "No, you're on the yellow. I said stay in the yellow."
Molly: "I am on and in yellow."
Me: "No you're... [insert look of defeat here] ...just hold my hand."

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