Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eddie Eagle and Gun Safety

Today at work we had a speaker come in and talk about gun safety. We watched a little animated film about Eddie the Eagle and his concern for small children playing with guns. (See video here.)

In the video is a little song and dance to help kids remember what to do if they ever come across a gun. It goes like this: "Stop!" "Don't touch!" "Leave the area!" "Tell an adult!"

After the speaker, many of my kids were still singing the little song. One little girl came up with her own rendition: "Stop!" "Don't touch!" "Teeeellllll a grownup!" ("Tell" drawn out for emphasis and to make up for the words she knew she was forgetting.)

Upon hearing this, another little boy, obviously thrown for a loop by his comrade's three-year old slurred speech tried to mimic her new rendition with this: "Stop!" "Don't touch!" "Teeeellllll a doughnut!"

Grownup...doughnut... I'm pretty sure he never figured out exactly what it was he said to make Miss Emily laugh that hard!

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