Saturday, February 2, 2008

Housing Scramble Saga: Pt. II

Uncertain living situations have been the tune of my life since August. Upon my first few days of being back in the US last August (having spent a hard seven weeks in the Middle East) I drove from my home in Missouri to my other home in Kentucky only to find that my scummy landlord was raising our rent! Not to mention the fact that he never made any of the repairs that we requested over the summer (three months not long enough?) the rent was waaaaay more than any of us could afford.

After a few moments of hyperventilating, I put my bold face on and told him I thought it best if we just parted ways...having no place to go in the mean time. Here are some fun moving pictures, just because:

(have i mentioned that I have awesome friends who helped me move?)

Enter Arbor Lane; a last minute decision that I think I've sort of regretted making. Nonetheless we moved in, hole in the bathroom ceiling and all. Jen and I have since faced things needing fixing (like out HEAT!) and a landlord who won't answer their cell phone and outrageous rent in comparison to other houses in our neighborhood.

Two days ago we got tired of it.

Yesterday, we wrote out our 30 day's notice.

As of today, we still have no place to live.

Life's funny isn't it? In this situation I have no one to lean on except the Lord and his provision. It says in Psalms that he opens his hand and satisfies the desires of every living things. Thank you LORD for that promise. I know that I already have a yes in you.

Now, I shall go pack boxes and wait...

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Andrea said...

I love it that Garrett looks hot in this the temperature. (don't worry Erika, I'm not making any moves on your future husband)