Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Terrific Two's

Anybody who knows me knows that I work with two year olds at a daycare. A really great daycare. Today I worked longer than usual and decided to make mental notes in my head about all the funny things I heard said or said myself. Here's what I's pretty entertaining! (Names changed for security.)

Things I Said:

  • "No Billy, we don't color on our lips."
  • "Boys and girls, leave your hearts on the table and go to your centers!" (we colored hearts today to decorate the room for Valentine's Day)
  • "Well Sarah, I don't know why your poopie is green today."
  • "We can't go on a bear hunt today because you were too loud in the halls."
  • "We don't bite our friends."
  • "Be nice to the pages." (of a new book)
Things I Heard:

  • "Go poopie go!" (from a girl going potty)
  • "My dinosaur's name is Dino-Billy!"
  • "Santa Claus took my Dora shoes to clean them then he's bringing them back tonight."
  • "My mommy said I can have snack anytime I want." (from a kid wanting snack at 10 am.)
And the Best Part... A Conversation I Had:

Sarah: "I have a Cinderella dress but I can't wear it right now."
Me: "Oh really? Why's that?"
Sarah: "Well, it has a little bit of cereal on it and a little bit of pee."

Daycare keeps me young. Or at least is increasing my stress handling capability.

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