Thursday, February 14, 2008


There are two things that I have learned about working with kids. One is that they don't think logically. Two is that if you listen to yourself explaining logic to them you might just learn a thing or two. Take this story for example:

There is a treat that exists called Stackerz, basically button sized fruit roll-ups. My daycare kids will do anything for Stackerz.

The first day that we had them in the classroom we used them as motivation to pick up their mats after nap time. (Sidenote: number three thing that I have learned is that bribery works!) They hopped on it and got things done in record time for being two years old.

As they were sitting at the tables eating their new treat, one of the teachers decided to explain the logic in getting a Stackerz. She said, "All right boys and girls, don't these Stackerz taste good?"

[Insert lots of yeses and giggles and laughs here in agreement.]

The teacher continues: "Now that you've had a taste of a Stacker, don't you want to be good?"

And then it clicked... and I thought to myself, "Now that I've tasted and seen that the Lord is good, doesn't it make me want to be good."

Not to be good to be seen as righteous, and not to be good to justify the sin I commit everyday. Just to be good because I know that He is Good, the ultimate embodiement of good.

Let's hear it for two year old logic.

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