Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey Good Lookin'

Dating Advice: A Top 7 List
  1. As a rule of thumb, homemade cards are far superior to store bought. I can't think of many store bought cards I've saved, but I've got a whole folder full of homemade ones.
  2. Guys: If you invite a girl to a study group that consists of only you and her, and she just so happens to bring homemade cookies, eat the stinking cookies. In fact, if a woman ever cooks or bakes for you, for any reason, eat it and like it.
  3. Girls: Don't go to a study group that consists only of you and a guy.
  4. For my Campbellsville friends: going up the road and then hanging out with your current object of affection does not a good time make.
  5. Early on, find out what kind of baggage the other is carrying. You may only be toting a knapsack, but if you're still not strong enough to help carry the other's load, shut it down. You will thank yourself later on down the road, and will also look wise beyond your years.
  6. Dinner and a movie is a great first date for a number of reasons. Look for the subtleties: does he chew weird? does she have poor taste in movies? If the answer to either of those is yes, well... maybe they aren't Mr./Mrs. Right.
  7. People watch together. You'll learn a lot about how the other sees his/her surroundings, and if you are on the same page.
All right friends, what would you add to the list? Comment. Go.

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Ed said...

>>If you Mom, Dad, brother, sister, etc disapprove, it might be a clue that Mr/Miss Right may not be "the one".

>>If your dog doesn't like your date, that might also be a clue.