Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Band's Visit

Last night whilst I was home all alone I watched a movie called The Band's Visit. It was super good and here is my favorite scene. I'm going to set it up for you because on this clip there are no subtitles.

Khaled is the man in the blue uniform, and is part of an Egyptian police band that gets stuck in a small Israeli town. There is no hotel so some of the locals take them in. Khaled ends up going out on the town with Papi, the guy in the white, somewhat imposing on a double date.

What we don't see in this clip is that both Khaled and Papi are terrible roller skaters. The girl that is Papi's date (the one in this scene) tries to get him to come out into the middle with her, but he ends up pushing her down and telling her to leave him alone.

Hence, the girl starts crying. The dancing couple the Papi talks to at the beginning of this clip is of no help, but Khaled is quite a ladies man and guides Papi in how to make her feel better.

This is like an Israeli Napolean Dynamite, I'm not even kidding. Just watch, and trust me, subtitles are not needed. The whole movie was two thumbs up and you can instantly stream it from Netflix.


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Emily said...

Emily! I can't get over you posting this! Last week one of my dad's friends (who is way into foreign films) told me me that he's going to give me this movie over Thanksgiving break because he knows I'll like it! I'm glad it has your seal of approval!