Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Books, Books, Books

I went on a book buying binge today. Behold the spoils:

This is a book I first read about here. I've been wanting to read it but kind of forgot about it for a while. I found it at Peddler's Mall for $.50!

I had to buy this book because I didn't have cash with me to purchase the first book and for some crazy reason they didn't allow $.50 debit card purchases! But it looks good and I like to read about travel writers.

I also had to buy this book along with #1 and #2 to beef up my total so I could use my debit card but I can't say what it is because I'm going to give it to Kid Brother for Christmas!

My friend Tony was talking about this book over the weekend and even though it sounds totally creepy I'm trying to read more worthwhile, weighty fiction. (Hence, I am currently reading--and really enjoying!-- Wuthering Heights.)

This book was actually a freebie that I got from this website. I haven't read it yet, but part of the deal for getting it for free was that I write a review about it on my blog so be looking for it hopefully soon!

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