Sunday, July 3, 2011

BIG News

I can finally write a post about what's been going on around these parts lately! Freedom, sweet freedom.

For a short, short exposition:

Last year I decided I wanted to start my Master's degree. There were two problems with this:

  1. The program I wanted to attend is at WKU in Bowling Green (which trusty Google Maps says is about 2 hours from where I live)
  2. We're broke. 
So I kind of put it on the back burner. It was one of those, "Maybe I'll do that some day," kind of things. That is, until the Lord brought it to the front. 

As of August 1st I will be an employee at Lindsey Wilson College, in Columbia, KY! I will be joining the Residence Life and Student Activities departments as an Apartment Manager and Assistant Student Activities Director. Dusty and I are so incredibly excited about joining the LWC community! We've been looking for jobs since about January, and this was the first one that we both felt we really, really wanted. 

So- what does getting my Master's degree and getting a new job have in common? As it turns out: everything!

Usually when someone gets hired at a college or university, they also receive as a benefit free tuition at that establishment. 

Listen to how good the Lord is right now: as an employee at Lindsey Wilson I can choose to go wherever I want! And guess what program is a mere hour away from where we'll be living? None other than the one at WKU, where I've been wanting to go all along.

Did you catch that? God took my two biggest obstacles and demolished them, like completely. 

Currently, our house is in shambles, I don't know where anything is, and Rudy is starting to have crazy eyes all the time. (Incidentally if anyone would like a cat with 7 toes on each paw and a slight health condition that is completely taken care of with a certain kind of food quite easily located at your local Wal-Mart, you're in luck!)

In my first draft of this post I had written out a very detailed bulleted list of our Relocation Timeline, but who cares right? Just know that we will be between Columbia and Meade County a lot, a lot, a lot this month and our last day at Buck Grove (and, consequently, Dusty's job) is July 31. 
    Dusty is still looking for employment down there. Are we worried? Hello! Have you read the rest of this super long post? Of course not! The Lord is good and he will not leave us destitute. 

    Phew! It feels so good to get all this out. The best part about waiting so long to tell everyone is I've largely avoided Tweeting/Facebooking in a very whiny fashion every step we've taken in packing the house so far. 

    More to come! (Fun news, not whiny news. Promise.)


    Andrea said...

    SO excited for you!

    Madds and Jess said...

    the Lord never fails to provid, Dusty will get a job soon, hopefully! I'll be praying for y'all and missing y'all like crazy!!!! Thank goodness for social networking, cell phones, and blogs! :) - Jess!