Friday, July 29, 2011


Dear Auntie,

Today would be your birthday, wouldn't it?
Today, I choose to remember you in your health.
As the lady who loved her obnoxious dogs.
Who used to tell me as a child when we were eating potato chips together that the folded-over ones were especially made for her, so not to eat them when I found them.
Who gave me my first car.
Who was perpetually "sending me a package."
Who took notice of my love for Beanie Babies as a kid and proceeded to inundate me with them on into my teens.
Who made sure that we got the loudest, most complicated toys for Christmas... just to irritate my dad.
Who taught me to love Black Friday shopping and how to check out at the jewelry counter in order to eliminate waiting in line.

Because really, aren't all these things (and many more) what being a good aunt is all about?

So yes, today would be your birthday. And I choose to remember you in your health.

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