Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sitting, Waiting, Watching

I'm sitting in the Orlando airport, Orlando International to be exact. MCO if you go by codes. I'm getting ready to fly home after spending a relaxing week with my friend Andrea, who no longer lives in Kentucky. (Insert muffled sniffles and crying sounds here.)

I have the pre-flight jitters which consist of numerous things, not the least of which is dreading the moment my ears start popping.

I feel like I've gained some perspective on this trip that I wasn't necessarily looking for, but am happy to have found. Here's the thing: the farther I can disconnect myself from my everyday realities the more clearly I can see the big picture. And I'm seeing a very big picture these days.

One thing that I've gleaned from my musings this week is that there is a fine line between having hopes and dreams for the future and constantly being dissatisfied with your present. Because the present and future go hand in hand for someone who is such an itemized planner like me. This step leads to this step leads to this leap leads to this bound, etc. Dusty and I have plans for the future, for sure. But I don't want to miss my present by pining away for uncertain things.

(And isn't funny how we "pine" for future things, things that will change the reality with which we are so dissatisfied, only to drag and kick like a child when the uncertainty that accompanies future things replaces reality!)

I think Dwight Schrute said it best when he said, "Nothing is on my horizon except everything. Everything is on my horizon."

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