Friday, June 12, 2009

Thinking Outloud

It's okay from time to time to steal things from fellow bloggers, especially one with whom you shared a bed for a week. (Grammar on that sentence? Not confident I'm doing it right. Oh well.) She just did this little post on her blog a few days ago and I couldn't just comment! I had to do it! So here we go.

Today I am thinking about...

-one of these. As a book aficionado do I really agree with this? Do I need this? Or does it take away from the essence of reading, namely that new book smell?

-my summer in the Middle East. Even though it was two years ago, some things are resurfacing that need to be processed. Or maybe reprocessed as the case may be.

-the story behind this song. It's always amazing to find a song that pours out truth with every word. This is one of them.

-this movie. I totally resonate with the first few lines of the trailer. Except we don't have cardboard windows. Now if only it weren't playing in select cities only!

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