Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Computer Cat

It's widely known around here (a.k.a. in the youth group) that we have a cat and this cat has "thumbs."
And when we have people over, the first thing they say when they see the cat (he does have a name... Rudy) is, "What happened to his paws?!"

This is said with a mix of terror, disgust, and unbridled awe.

Well today I was finally, FINALLY able to document this phenomenon. Behold!

Complete with random claw the grows perpendicular to the rest of them!

So now when you come to my house you won't have to be scared. He's harmless, after all.

That is, unless you're a rodent. Then he's your worst nightmare.

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

send him this way, i saw a mouse in the house the other day. :/

btw, my word verification is "southran". which is what i hope that mouse did...ran south.