Saturday, April 3, 2010

Night Trees

I had this big plan back in November when I bought my new camera. I was going to really learn the in's and out's and be all camera savvy and wise by the end of this year.

I'd like to go ahead and say that that plan is not coming along very well. If my friends didn't keep popping out babies I wouldn't have even used the Nikon half as much as I have!

In conjunction with this, I have this thing for how trees look at dusk. I don't know why, I just love their silhouettes and how the background is lit up behind them with this beautiful golden-amber color. It's delightful. So tonight I decided to try my hand at Night Trees using longer exposures and the roof of my car. (Because sadly, I am without tripod.)

Here's my first attempt:

Nothing is on focus and you can see the roof of my car, but I sorta, kinda like it. This was taken around 8:45 pm.

Here's my fluke, actually-cool-looking-shot-that-I-accidentally-took:

Look at that! This one was taken around 9:00 pm. Maybe I'll get the hang of this after all.

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