Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Being Curious & Stuff

I like to keep a pulse on what current real estate rental prices are going for. I feel like it's a responsible thing to do since part of Dusty's compensation comes with a delightful little *free* place to live. I want to be prepared for what's facing us once we get back into the real world.

Also I like to look inside other people's houses. :)

So I'm looking at rentals in Campbellsville and came across this little gem: (you may need to click on it to enlarge and take in the full hilarity)

Oddly specific?


Laura said...

There is definitely a story there. Or, you could have fun making up your own!

Ed said...

Did Dusty show you the house from This Old House magazine in Hodgenville that is free, you just have to move it?

wv = "disort" as in disort of house you don't have to pay for

Devon said...

dang it! Now, what do I do with my alligator?