Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reflections on a Crazy Day: Thanks Jesus

Today was quite possibly the most insane day I've had in a while. Maybe ever. It's in the top 3 for sure.

I'm swimming at my friend Lauren's house and it was quite relaxing. Delightful really. Suddenly we hear a loud noise. This noise proceeds to gets louder, then we hear something that sounds like an explosion. We pop our head over the pool gate and see a semi truck careening into her front yard, taking out all the telephone lines along the way.

Mercifully this truck was stopped by the trees in her front yard. If not, it would have hit all the cars in the driveway (mine included), and made it's way to the pool... Where. We. Were. (!)

Another mercy: the driver and his grandson were okay. (Later reports trickling in that the driver has some semi-serious injuries. Updates to follow.)

At this point diesel is spewing everywhere, live wires are running all over the place, people are running around like crazy, and everyone had a cell phone to their ear. (What did we ever do before those things?) The driver is helped to a chair and things seem to be, somewhat, settling down.

The EMS comes on the scene yet a few minutes later we hear someone shouting, "RUN! Get out of here!" What more could go wrong?

Apparently, another semi had been flagged through and the top of his cab caught the low hanging wires. The telephone poles on both sides of the road snapped in half and fell into the front yard (wires and all) where we were all standing. The rest is a three hour long saga in which it rains, we watch a new telephone pole be dropped into the ground, and the semi gets hauled away piece by piece.

So, thanks Jesus that everyone in the truck was okay. More selfishly, thank you that no one else's cars were wrecked and that the trees stopped the truck.

The Lord has new mercies every day, this I know. Sometimes, those mercies are small and we tend to overlook them. Sometimes, like today, they are the only thing we see.

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