Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simply Put, Pumpkin Vol. 1

This is the first installment of my experiments with pumpkin recipes. Enjoy!

The Process:

So I did a really poor job of documenting the "process"--could be because the basis of this cake is semi-homemade at best, using a boxed angel food cake mix. Let's just say that about ten minutes after this pictures was taken, my house smelled lovely!

The Result:

The Test:

This was Dusty's reaction after taking the first bite. Actually probably the fourth bite. He hates having his picture taken. Also, considering he has not gone back for more, he was not a huge fan of this cake.

In all, I was not a huge fan either. The recipe called for a creamy ginger filling, but I didn't have any whipped cream so I had to skip it.

To be fair, I'm not a lover of angel food cake in general. This cake wasn't bad at all, but it was definitely not the best thing I've ever made.

It did, however, pair nicely with a cup of Harden's Vienna Roast Medium Dark Coffee!

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