Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Loose Ends//Here We Go March!

Time just really gets away from me sometimes. I cannot believe it is already March, month Trois of an already topsy turvy year.

Looking back on what I originally planned to post for February, I've noticed there are several loose ends that need tying, namely things like the questionable decision to let a student hairstylist dye my hair and our all-girl middle school retreat.

All of things could be a blog post in and of themselves, I promise you.

So! As far as the questionable decision to let a student hairstylist dye my hair I am happy to report I love the results! The student hairstylist in question is none other than my sweet friend Jackie Patty, girlfriend of Cousin Luke.

She's quite wonderful really. I will definitely be going back to her to get my highlights touched up:

Dusty and I missed severe weather spotting training, but rest assured we'll be going to the make up meeting either this month or in April!

How did I spend my Valentine's Day? We went to Green Bamboo. Not beause it was Valentine's Day but because Dusty was going to make me dinner and I dropped a giant crap ball on him when I said, "That's fine honey, as long as it's not Indian. I'm not really feeling curry today."

Our all-girl middle school extravaganza was a success! I fairly often comment about that particular age group's lack of self-awareness, but who else would have a dance-off to Cotton Eyed Joe in a DQ?

So, here's what's coming From Me to You this month:

~ A review of some of my current favorite things, including but not limited to music, books, movies, and food. Mmm... food.

~ My wonderful love Dusty will check in with a guest blog telling everyone about his recent flying lesson at Bowman Airfield. Here's a hint: it was quasi-awkward as only things involving Dusty can be.

~ Jury Duty picks up into full swing this month. Will I get chosen to serve? We'll find out!

~ What do you do every Wednesday night? I'll have a post about the phenomenon that is Game Night, in which myself and a few select friends find ourselves playing cards until 1 in the morning. It's legit, ya'll!

~ We are getting a special delivery at the end of this month, all the way from Kansas City, Missouri! You'll see what it is along with a list of reasons why it's so awesome.

~ Spring is coming and I can hardly contain myself! (!) I'll post about things I love doing when the weather gets warm.

~ Did you know I also have another blog running in which I post my pictures involving all-things Kentucky? You can check it out here. Follow me or add me to your RSS readers! I don't post all the time but I also plan to change that.

Happy March to you!

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