Thursday, May 22, 2008

Honeymoon Horror

It started Monday afternoon... I started feeling an intense sinus pressure. Soon it went away and Dusty and I had a wonderful afternoon exploring downtown Indianapolis.

Tuesday morning, 4:00 am. I wake up crying and severe pain. Dusty the Super Husband runs to Walgreens to buy me some relief. We wake up eventually and try to head into the city, but I quickly realize that it's not going to happen.

We turn around and head to the urgent care center by our hotel. Three x-rays, one shot in the hip, four steroid pills, and three prescriptions later (not to mention losing my breakfast in the hotel room) I find myself in bed with a sinus-migrain pain thing that will simply not go away! Wednesday and Thursday have come and gone and it's been a pretty bumpy, painful road. Hopefully things will start to get better... I can only pray because the pain, well... not to be a Debbie Downer, is pretty bad.

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