Monday, May 26, 2008

The Third Wheel, Vol. 1

Everyone, meet Garrett. Garrett, meet everyone.

Hello Blog World. This is the first installment of my life with the newlyweds. So although i expect my fair share of awkward/funny stories day one has yet to yeild anything too exciting. I do have one strange occurence thus far. There is a mystery poof thing in the shower. For those of you who do not understand what i mean when i say "poof thing" check this out.... So lets think this through.....there are three of us living in the apartment......and there are four poof things. I have still yet to find the true source of the fourth poof......i will henceforth make this my mission.....
There is a question that has perplexed me about marriage. A question that seems to be the true gauge for the commitment that a married couple has for one another. But sadly this is not a question that Dusty and Emily will be able to answer for me. To me you can judge how comfortable a couple is with one another by how long it takes them to be able to use the bathroom with the door open. Seriously you know you really love someone (or at least how much they love you) when you can take a dump with the door open......I'll let you know about any development on that......actually hopefully not.....
So ill just let you folks in on some precautions that i am taking to ensure my virgin ears stay such......i have employed the use of a small fan as a noise block, so far so good.....i'll keep you updated on that.
By the way.....we need a name for our little household....any suggestions? Be on the lookout for more from the Third Wheel

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Adam Truax said...

Remember to use Marvin Gaye.